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To a BC from Mexico is a growing problem in the northwest the quantity of math in Oregon is going up the purity of methamphetamine is going up availability of methamphetamine is going up Kim strong the agent in charge of the D. A.'s district office says last year thirty two hundred pounds of meth were seized in the Pacific Northwest the most ever D. A. is launching operation crystal shield which includes a focus on eight cities in the southern US which are hubs for meth distribution throughout the entire country ability opting the federal Indian child welfare act as an Oregon law passes the house Portland Democrat Tony Sanchez says the goal is to make sure native American children are placed with relatives when possible the Indian child welfare act be a standard procedure here in the state of Oregon that those active efforts be a standard for native children so that they can return home Sanchez says based on the population native American children are three times more likely to be in the child welfare system bill now goes to the state Senate just a day after a bill to limit gun magazine capacity failed in the Washington legislature it sponsors a trying again in an attempt to get around the Wednesday deadline the killer bell the amended their bill to light gun owners sell magazines to the state that gets it around the Wednesday deadline because state funds are now involved Democrats say the bill is needed but Republicans insist that it's unconstitutional trailblazers return from the NBA all star break tonight Portland will welcome the New Orleans pelicans to town Damian Lillard is expected to miss a few games as he battles a groin strain our training I've been doing all the training and re have not possibly do some.

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BC, Mexico, Oregon discussed on Armstrong and Getty

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