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Earlier. Is this notion of a new store. And also the ability for developers to take apps it used to be only for the store and package them for delivery to consumers or anybody outside of the store. And i wonder if we get doesn't play into this new store slash alternate ways of deploying software. You know Because when get has a few of the things that you get with the store right this notion of your acquiring software from hopefully trusted source. It's keeping up to date the background. it's i wonder sometimes if this didn't happen to arrive at some future we'll call it a wind windows eleven store slash other ways of getting software out into the world right it needs a gui for one thing etcetera etcetera but It seems like it could be the basis of it. Like i guess. That's how we spent. What are they using flutter yes they are in two places One is a for the surface duo. Sdk for dole screen and What was the other things The service for flutter T. wp's something something ups exciting. That's something something like that. When you go past microsoft i mean there's all these other ways to develop apps that run on windows two right. I mean is the platform. There's all the web stuff and web is this story all its own and is flatter and flatter does desktop apps to and the the you know this too that So you've lot of choices but that's the that's when is is i mean it used to be like we used to kind of worry like what's a windows app like. What is the win is app. Everything's a windows app. I mean we're at the point now where developers can use whatever they want and consumers users. Whatever don't have to worry about. It doesn't matter how these things were built right. They work and they have dated features like notifications an offline and blah blah blah. Whatever it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it don't make no difference no never minded nothing can. Yep yep yep. Let's see moving along by the. I'm going to ask you about winn-dixie i saw your article about.

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