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Could get heavy at times, it will be breezy, and it will be cooler. Highs Monday just in the mid fifties to low sixties, traffic and weather together. On the eighth on all news, one of six nine and AM seven forty KCBS, springtime tips and fun facts. From Paul Kristen index ter- at total wine and more. Did you know there were over one million bubbles in a glass of champagne someone say brunch? Leave the hunting the kid. We'll have even more fine hunting for your brilliant. Brench Riesling sweet and salty richness pairs perfectly with sweeter wines with bolt fruit Alabama juicy Pinot Noir, whether you're hosting or just bring the wine, we love to share always low prices ridiculous selection, this spring at total wine and more. Cheers. What they Capital One quicksilver. You earn unlimited one point five percent cashback on every purchase every week. It's easy. That's just the way. I like it. That's. Quicksilver card from Capital One. What's in your one? That's. Capital? One Bank USA. News that matters to you around the bay around the world around the clock on news one. Oh, six nine and AM seven forty KCBS CBS, Monday, April fifteenth twenty nineteen coming up on KCBS heroin tales from the storm ravaged south. And I'm Melissa Colorado without a north bay hospital is encouraging female physicians to take on leadership. Roles. Also, we'll hear from the UC Berkeley grad who created the languages used in the game of thrones. Good morning. Thank you for joining us. I'm Peter Finch. KCBS news time is twelve thirty one. So if you asked me was up late tornadoes confirmed on suspected have hit a huge section of the country's heartland. Other parts of the south and midwest got combinations of rain, heavy wind up north even snow in Mississippi. Big storm. We had to run to the back and looked outside all sides. It's down. Just demolished even worse than also Texas side of a confirmed tornado. We was in the closet. We hit a row unlock train. And next time. We we will lifted a little bit, and we started rocking, and we moved over. And we start praying with seven that's blamed on this. Mid April weather, east, Texas, two children were killed after a tree fell on a car. The large storm system also knocked out power to thousands and caused some flash flooding in the whizzy. Anna heavy rain is being blamed for the death of a thirteen year old boy, he drowned after falling into a drainage ditch. Correspondent Elaine Quixote Diaw news update. I'm Tom Foty. KCBS news time is twelve thirty two. Did you watch it? Did you watch game of thrones David J Peterson is a language creator. That's right. He makes languages and if you're a game of thrones fan, you are already.

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