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All right. Brian's been waiting for while wants to finish off as Michael Jackson choke from last week or whenever we call them before. Brian thirty six Minneapolis going doing. Yeah, man. Good, good. Hey, I want to say I have this weird ability to hear things and people's voices much like you guys. Do you know through whatever this and that ace you sound well rested. Oh, well, thank you. I mean after the vacation and all that sit in the racing and everything sound, it just sounds like you're in a good spot right now. He blew his live before we started the show. All right. I. I. I did not violate drew. I, the racing thing actually takes it a little out of you, but it also relaxes you in a in a way that could never be. You can never graft it onto you because as a guy who's constantly thinking about everything all the time. When you drive that car, it is just there's nothing else you think about other than what you're doing. There's just no other thoughts. I cannot explain it anymore. Then there when you sleep you dream, and when you when you talk to someone, you have thoughts about what else is in the room or what? What other little sidebar. There's always there's always heard person factors that come in and expert things that. Yeah, that and when you're in the car, part of it is the sensory deprivation. It's so loud that you can't physically hear anything and there's disturbing lock. Your physically isn't a physical thing. You're like, you're essentially dip revision. You mentioned. He's like, you're zoning and so much that you just that's all it is. I'll tell you weird. Yes, I'll tell you a weird time thing that maybe drew can help explain when you're sitting in the car in your all panic gritted up and you're just sitting there. And at some point you have your six-way harness and head gear and socks on your head and gloves, and a fire, tar, and underwear and fires. You couldn't be more swaddled really, and and there's, there's nothing going on your in your helmet and it's. Point. The lady usually lady race director, a bunch of volunteers. They can only communicate with people in the car via hand signals, and everyone's just sitting there. And at some point, the five goes up. It's just so in a hold their hand up the walk down the track five, five, that's just means five minutes. We're going out in five minutes and there's a part of my brain that always thinks five minutes. So it's a long time to just sit here completely strapped in because like picture like long eagle song or something that's a long time and you know selling, no radio, no, nothing. Sitter miraculously that five minutes passes faster than five minutes of driving your car.

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