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Great to back to they can't wait to get the series started her yet, but we did Campbell GM. Our guest added to have him the booth and. And a couple of replace. Yeah. I have actually and Colton heard looks like he just got nuts the little bit by Jack Harvey on the restart going into turn one. Jack, probably didn't realize the cult and Herta was there got Colton hurt spun around over the curb, and he is officially out of the race climbed out of the race car very much the same thing. Then for Ryan hunter a further back in the field. He turned into the corner and James Hinchcliffe came like a wrecking ball had his wheels all locked up going into turn one and just slid into the side of hunter Ray, and that kind of cost chain-reaction of hundred spinning around then into into the car Colton hurt us. So definitely not what we wanted to see this this early in the race here. Things have not gone well for Colton Herta since he got that went into. No it really hasn't. It's it's it's been a huge for them. But I guess the one silver lining is the fact that the speed is there. So it's more just a matter of once they put these racist together again than being attention for race wins again. So that the speed is there that is the single most important thing. About seeing a lot of action now up and down pit lane people wondering when is the rain coming see a lot of teams here preparing and seeing what they might be able to do they I just here in the Ryan hunter rape pet and they're discussing about what they're going to do. They're going to be a lap down. They realize that they're gonna bring it back in and change out that front wing assembly. They did have rain tires laid out..

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