President Trump, Matthew Whitaker, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Coast to Coast AM


Been flying for the last seventeen eighteen days deviation safety specialists are among the workers furloughed because of the government shutdown and their union. President tells KIRO seven aircraft and crews at sea TAC are being inspected less. It's very concerning its day nineteen of that shutdown over the president's demands for a border wall. He did meet with congressional leaders today. This latest situation room session lasted about a half hour before the president got up from his seat and left the room. Top Senate democrat Chuck Schumer says it happened after Democrats made their stance clear he sort of slammed the table. And when leader Pelosi said, she didn't agree with the wall. He just walked out and said, we have nothing to discuss Republicans say Mr. Trump did not slam the table. But the president himself tweeted that the meeting was a total waste of time. That after Nancy Pelosi said, she wouldn't support wall funding, quote, I said by by Steven Portnoy, CBS news, the White House acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker who. Who's been critical of the Russia probe claims? The government shutdown is keeping him from talking to key lawmakers. Democrats who are worried about is we use on the Muller investigation. Want to question him about it committee chair Jerry Nadler's sent a letter to Whitaker setting in January twenty ninth deadline to appear before the committee. Adler has not ruled out issuing a subpoena for Whitaker if he doesn't cooperate CBS's Bill Rakoff a big homeless camp off I five in Northgate is getting cleared out today. People who work and live around there say they've endured the smell of garbage and feces way too long that they add this is only part of the solution. I really think that we need.

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