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Here says the city is developing guidelines for indoor fitness museums that outdoor events. Boston's phase three of reopening will begin next Monday. The latest numbers from the Department of Public Health so slight increase in confirmed cases of covert 19th day 140 newly reported cases in the Commonwealth with 15 newly reported deaths. Tripoli. There's a warning about it from Massachusetts Health officials Governor Charlie Baker says high numbers of cases of the mosquito borne illness are likely to be in the state again this year. It's important to keep in mind that Tripoli outbreaks typically last two or three years. That means that we can expect the 2020 season to feature a high number of cases again. State Public Health Commissioner Monica Burrell says mosquitoes have already tested positive for Tripoli into Massachusetts towns, both of them in Franklin County. But this is the earliest the virus has been detected in mosquitoes in Massachusetts in some 20 years. Lieutenant governor Karen Palito says spraying for mosquitoes is already underway. It's important work is happening now. Truck mounted spraying such as the equipment you're seeing here. Using adult deciding products started in early June and continues now the's operations will run through the end of August into the first week of September. While we continue to monitor the mosquito testing data from the Department of Public Health so far, they've been no human cases reported in Massachusetts. Last year, there were 12 human cases of Tripoli, including six deaths. Red Sox manager Ron Reddick, He says starting pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez and prospect Bobby Bell back have both tested positive for covert 19. Both are said to be recovering at whole meantime, the lawyer for more than 20 people who say they were abused by a former club House employee. Calling on the socks to put their money where their mouth is. It was a month ago when the Red Sox pledged to do a better job fighting racism after former All star Torii Hunter said he'd been the victim of racial epithets at Fenway Park. But Attorney Mitchell Garabedian says that pledges meaningless. Garabedian represents 21 men, 15 of them black. Who claimed former Red Sox club House manager Donald Fitzpatrick sexually abused them as teens over a 24 year period once again Major League baseball And the Boston Red Sox by remaining silent every victimize these victims, Garabedian is demanding the Red Sox pay Each of the men $5 million compensation is a healing gesture. The Red Sox say the team views fits Patrick's abuse as important, but point out it happened before John Henry on the team. Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty to attempted sexual battery in 2002 and died in 2005. Mike Macklin W B C. Boston's news radio 703 traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers up to England all wheel drive traffic on the threes, Mike and maybe about time for some of the work crews to set up for the evening shop. I've got my eyes open, but nothing just yet, Band, but we've got problems to the south on the KP out. This is Route six East camped up over a mile through sandwich with a car fire. Before 1 30 better known as exit to all lanes are closed there. So that's the issue on the Cape. You know, it's got six West ccamd up almost a mile approaching that scene, as you might imagine lots of curiosity. Elsewhere. Things are pretty good to the south with the expressway Andrew three on the South Shore south pounds only 20 minutes from range re down to room 1 39 routes. 20 for 95 South both clear down to 45. Out to the West. We've got an issue with through 20 West 20 west in Oxford as a crash cleanup is going on before Hammond Hill Road. All traffic is being forced off Route 20 onto Oxbow Road. Which basically runs parallel to route 20. You follow that for a mile and 1/2 and you can reconnect to route 20. The mass bikes Okay, and highways north of the city or good, including 1 28 93 Rue one. And it's pretty quiet downtown, with the lower deck, the second bridge and store Oh, drive. They're all good. My King W B Z is traffic on the three.

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