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All right. People might pick of the week is an odd one. I realized that I love creed saw creed to in the theater, and I was like I haven't seen all of the Rockies never went and watched all the Rockies back to back to back. Why would you? But I I knew all the Rockies. But here's the thing. I don't think it's all the rocky. So I bought the rocky collection on I tunes. Actually, that's a lie. I didn't buy the rocky collection. I bought them individually because each time it was like, well, that's the last one I'll watch. And I was like I gotta watch the next one gotta watch here. I am eight movies later. I've watched them all say it puts you in a good mood 'cause you're basically watching someone beat the shit out of someone that you feel like is deserving of winning. I don't know why they feel good movie. It definitely is a feel good movie. Let me break it down for you. If I'm gonna give you my list of Rockies. This would be what they would be. Okay. Get ready for people. It's going to be controversial. I don't wanna fight you at it. But why? Don't you at me and tell me if I'm right or wrong. Here we go this is by purely enjoyment. What did I enjoy watching it creed? Number one is my first choice. Controversial, isn't it? Yeah. You bet member to get ready to get more. Controversial rocky two rocky to betting is better than rocky one. I'm not gonna like number three rocky three pretty great movie. Mr. T underrated performance. He's the Meryl Streep of that movie. He's bringing in something some sort of heat that you never felt before this anger. I want to know more about him creed three the cupboard Lang return, maybe with a son, you know, bring that Drago treatment. What's next? Boy. This is gonna be tricky for Me me. I'm gonna go. With. Balboa rocky Balboa. That's a good one classic. It's it's exactly rocky one just older. It's great Stallone is perfect in it. I loved it. And if we're gonna go Balbo they're gonna put then rocky one after that. So far you act Paul, but rocky Ford is the best rocky. You know, what we remembered as the best rocky? It's not it's not the best. Rocky. I will say rocky four. Free to look at that. And then rocky five now by no means am I saying that creeped to as a bad movie. But if we're talking about purely enjoying these movies all the way down the line. That's what it is creed. Rocky two rocky three Babbo rocky one rocky four creed to and then rocky five rocky five surprisingly, not as bad as you. Remember? I mean, it's bad. It's stupid, and it makes no sense. But it's not unwatchable. And here's the sad thing about it. I don't think I'd seen. No, I didn't see all the rocky museo only of rocky four. So he's kind of not doing that. Like Philadelphia accent rocky four he kinda goes in and out in weird ways. So when he was back in Philadelphia and rocky five after his all his money. Spoiler alert because gave paulie the charge of the finances. What the fuck Polly come on, man. Paulie, by the way, the straight of braces and a dirtbag. I'll tell you after watching all these movies. Fuck paulie? No. Redeemable characteristics of this character at all. I'd rather as spider Rico comeback than poly. They should've kept Talia Shire live. That's right. Adrian should have been alive and polish. It have been dead. And you know, what rocky doesn't even need to visit his grave. Okay. Doesn't need to visit his grave. Guy's an asshole. Always an asshole never did anything. Good. And all of a sudden bring man fucking. He's why is he a ring man fucking works in meat and the biggest introduced him in in Balboa's a fucking paints a picture of a dog. All right. Fuck this guy. He fucked a robot, and that's all he brings the table. Tell Shire makes the most insane transitions over these movies. The first movie she's viewed as someone who could be mentally disabled. And I don't mean to belittle that they literally say that about her. And by rocky three she's essentially giving speeches that are Kintu about boas speeches. Oh, stinking abouts Brockie about boas speeches fucking rocky ends the Cold War. He beats Drago, right? The strongest man alive..

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