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In the second half in Saturday's final four in the Aztecs in need of another big comeback tonight in the national title game Yukon now leading San Diego state 46 35 just under 14 minutes remaining in the second half Yukon has led by as many as 16 tonight. Very poor shooting night so far from San Diego state the Aztecs a modest 11 of 36 from the field Tristan Newton, a team high 11 points for Yukon and Gaithersburg native and demand for lum Jordan Hawkins chipping in with 7 points for Yukon. Meanwhile, the nationals fall at home again, 6 to two of the final against the Tampa Bay Rays the rays improved to four zero for the first time in franchise history. Nats dropped to one in three despite a decent first start from Trevor Williams 5 innings allowed 6 hits four earned four runs, three earned for manager Davey Martinez. So I'm unfortunate plays. A couple of balls, he left up and I got hit hard, but I thought he did okay. He wanted to go back out because he stayed in because that's just who he is. And at 5 innings and 90 plus pictures, I thought that was good. Series continues tomorrow against the rays Orioles of two nothing lead in the 9th inning in Texas. Ben rabi WTO sports. We have breaking news tonight. Do you remember Roy McGrath one time high up person in Maryland state government and top aide to former Maryland governor Larry Hogan? Roy McGrath is dead tonight. He had been on the run for about three weeks after skipping out on a trial in Baltimore. We'll tell you what we know so far coming up. This is a test of the Washington D.C. metropolitan operational

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