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Goebel your wildfires continue jack callahan fox news seventeen separate fires burning in northern california and now seventeen people known dead scores of others still missing here's officials in cinema county say of two hundred and forty reported missing nearly sixty people were located as of tuesday afternoon communications been rough because of downed power lines and cell phone towers paul gauguin has three properties in cinema county all were evacuated he knows two of them are okay when we got the work evacuate like they were really really windy tree or blowing over gobert pre all over the power line and then you've got prior fish those are still investigating how these many fires got started that cal fire is chief says it does not appear there was lightning that night with jessica rosenthal high winds and low humidity or forecast for wednesday which could go as the fires to spread further president trump promising help to california we will be there for you in this time of terrible tragedy and need the president says he's already spoken with governor jerry brown about federal disaster assistance former president barack obama and his wife michelle say they are disgusted by revelations of sexual abuse being level of hollywood producer harvey weinstein even as the list of actresses claiming they were victims of harassment grows gwyneth paltrow and angelina jolie have joined a growing chorus of voices that have come out with allegations of sexual harassment by harvey weinstein many others including kate winslet lena dunham again glenn close acknowledging they heard the rumors danny deranged of dherinia pr says this is the tip of the iceberg i think you're going to see more women talk about and more women who but who advocated the captured by other p actresses asia are gento rosanna arquette and mira sorvino have also come forward with similar statements fox's michelle pollino there'll be no usa chance of next year's world cup soccer tournament nodded states eliminated for the first time since 1980 six fox news ferre delo.

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