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Obviously unbelievable. How Russell Wilson did step up because the pressure is coming. It is coming hot. And he just lets it get by him, takes his couple steps up and unload it. Man coverage. Okay, and Robert Sala is dialing up blitzes almost every play and they're trying to run those quick little rub routes have got to have that coverage tight and anticipate those picks us up. Armstead Buckner, Thomas Greenlaw showing a gap pressure right around the side. Hollister goes in motion watch by Ward. And now we have a stopwatch. A player to time out called by Pete Carroll. So that signed the 40 Niners showed man is they were following motion man. So Carol calls the time out now with 46 seconds to go clock already stopped because of the incomplete, Hollister. Dr Kyle Shanahan. You have to think the worst if they do score a touchdown here. Make it 27 26 they would go for to try to make a 29 26. You've got to give yourself time to come back and either beat them or tied them with a field goal. 46 seconds to go, She analyst one time out remaining 40. Niners have to left third tent on the 12. They get a first down inside the two yard line. I don't know if there's enough while they got timeouts and said I got one left. He's gotta have two great down here on. I would not be shocked if they try to scheme up Kate Metcalf on some type of Fae drought on Emanuel Bozo. Totally. They haven't shown him. They going three by one a lot. And here they go again three by one, Hollister. Number three inside, lock it in the slot more outside and they're saying they got Metcalf Homer also lines up that way. So Metcalf goes in the slot with a motion homer bank does not appear so Wilson.

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