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So this is a critically important. This is an EPA genetic phenomena, the just because you've got the deal does not mean that you absolutely lactose intolerant. You've got to look, did you know, to all number Shing mums milk, and then off to weaning is your culture was a culture replete with the use of yoga Tsen cheese and milk products. A milk, derived products? If the Unser is, yes, then lactase. Reduction it was though, you never weaned again bend awesomeness of seeing how superficial interpretation can be given versus a really deep dive. Okay. Sickly coming back to a little beautiful too. But I learned this from dear colleague, with mine, a brilliant Oxford. Scientists he showed that, you know, Ben back in the Victoria, era of England, the wealthy folks in London and other places of Victoria England. When it came around September, October, November, they couldn't be found in the cities, where would they be they would being these lodges in the Scottish highlands? And what would they doing the lodges of the Scottish highlands for weeks on end the actually be given they were feeding on way, fractions of these healthy? Grass fed sheep in other words, way back in Victoria, England the way from. Action. An absolutely as you pointed out, you do still have to have other parameters of the Scotsman lactose intolerance, milk protein, sensitivities, and so on, and so forth. But just two points out people's from a long time ago understood that they will whole food components that radically improve whether it'd be detox phenomenon other healthy things in life. Now, now to Unser the final part of your question regarding supplementation. If an only if and this is where I say, I am an advocate, what we do you trans while we try to do not promote supplementation, but rather reduce it reduced to only if and where it is necessary to educate the population, listen, just because something as a supplement just because it supposedly nut Tral does not mean that it's once in Yusen, fifty things under the kitchen sink in the sun. All at once think about Ben the humor. In body was not designed to respond cellular to the microfracture nation and condensation of sixty fifty micronutrients all at once. How does that work with the selling the functions in the body to succeed in rhythms of the body more often than not a body, the cells of body work, designed to handle Supra levels of micronutrients that have all sorts of gene expression consequences? So what we do uterus. Bent on to your question. More fully is we ask is there a Salima function is discernibly suboptimal dysfunctional? And are there judiciously certain micronutrients that might improve said, discreet, some of the function, and then those are the places we recommend custom formulate ingredients. So what could we do for individuals with reduced glutathione function will of? Here comes a really important point Ben that a lot of clinicians, get rungs, though, meaning conditions they would say to river Terron they would say, well river telling. You've got pull defy on function. Follow with me just one minute here. So what are we gonna do reading to recommend that you get these glutathione IV's that have become vogue, and let me make it clear. Guth a-a-and ivy's can have some Olsen properties for some individuals. But we've gotta understand something here that G S T one, gene, is that Ben in river a both missing. What is it is it the gene, that's making such too, because it's missing regale them Moga fi on and off, they go. They're happy. No. This is the gene, that is controlling the use of the gut's Afyon. It is catalytically binding glutathione to the toxin..

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