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To 95 degrees. I'm 7 News Meteorologist Jordan Evans in the First Alert Weather Center. 84 degrees right now with clouds in northwest Washington brought to you by Long Fence. Save 25 % on Long Fence decks, pavers and fences. Six months, no payment, no interest financing. Terms and conditions apply. Go to longfence .com. Money news on WTOP 10 and 40 past the hour. Here's Jeff Claiborne. New York City just banned TikTok government on -owned devices. The Congress has already banned TikTok on federal government -issued devices. Maryland and Virginia are among a growing list of states doing the same thing. Companies that fill jobs are cutting them. ZipRecruiter has cut 20 % of its workforce on a slowdown in corporate demand. The company that owns Indeed and Glassdoor has laid off 2 ,400 employees. Robert Half just missed quarterly earnings estimates. An IKEA store in Pentagon City opened this week. You can look but not take anything home. It's an IKEA showroom with one -on -one consultations with designers, mostly like kitchens and baths. IKEA Plan stores will open in Fairfax and in Gaithersburg The Dow is down 30 points. The S &P 500 is up to the Nasdaq's down 20. This report is sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services. It's National Minority Donor Awareness Month. Join the 170 million people who have signed up as organ, eye and tissue donors. Go to organdonor .gov today from the US Department of Health and Human Services. Coming up UTOP. on A sentence is handed down for an area man who recorded young girls in online sexual chats. I'm Mike Marilla. It's 112. You know, I love stats, but how about these stats from Jennifer Young of Jennifer Young Homes? Ann Marie and Joe not only attempting their second flip with Jennifer and her team, but overall transaction number six. Yeah, the Ashburn property they had required a full renovation from Jennifer's preferred contractor. Yeah, she'll work with you every step of the way. Prior to that, it was one of the most disgusting homes she'd ever listed in all her 34 years. 28 scheduled Thanks to showings and a food truck open house, which put 100 people through three competitive offers resulted purchase for $625 ,000 as is and pending now with no contingencies at ,000. $850 That's over $50 ,000 more than the listing price. And when you connect with Jennifer Young at Jennifer Young homes or 877 -611. So make sure you ask about the renovate now pay later program. So many options. Jennifer and her team are ready to work with you. Again, connect with Jennifer at 877 -611 cell or go online to JenniferYoungHomes .com. Killer Williams Realty My little brother's friends have been camped out at our place for two days straight three. It's because of the Xfinity 10G network internet that can handle a house full of screens at once with like basically no interruptions and it's only getting faster. When I was their age internet like this was a pipe dream. You sound like my grandpa. Please go home. The next generation 10G network only from Xfinity. The future starts now. Now through September 1st, new customers can get 200 megabit internet with unlimited data on the next generation Xfinity 10G network for just $25 a month for 12 months with no annual contract. Plus, upgrade to Gig and save $20 a month over Verizon. Go to Xfinity .com slash 10G

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