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I wanted to be healed. I wanted to be free of my cerebral palsy. And free of my crutches here wanted to be able to run and jump and play like all the other kids you know and do do those kind of things so I was very hopeful about it and Long story short went to see Norrland Fully expecting to be healed and obviously it was not he'll so that was my first exposure to the movement and Let me also say real quickly. Though that some have made the accusation against me that the the reason that I do these seminars is because of that like a revenge right revenge yeah bidder of. I get that a lot but I I think I can honestly say that. Nothing could be further from the truth. I understand now that I'm actually am and I have a much healthier understanding of the sovereignty of God Healthier Theology of human suffering and the purpose behind that that There's not a bitter bone in my body about not being healed I accept this. God's good providence in my life It is it what he is decreed and His grace is sufficient for me is strength is made perfect in weakness and in if I have to live the rest of my life with several palsy. It's okay you know. I've got all of eternity to live without it. Well the amazing thing and the sad thing about the faith movement. These teachers you you. You listed as they present a view of Christianity that basically says any kind of suffering is out of place and he kinda suffering shouldn't be there and so in in that kind of theological background. It would make sense that if you're sick or any any kind of things wrong with you. It should be healed. That's the way things should be. But when you study the Bible for yourself and just read what it says you find a very different picture. You find suffering if you find suffering all over the Bible yes and it is. It is part of the fallen world we live in so so that alone is just. I think the big tragedy of this this movement in that it doesn't allow normal people who have their faith in God to just go through the normal suffering that happens in in human life that's right told tragedy that's right so so obviously you're someone who comes from a background it's more than just. L. Let's make fun of these crazy people on TV. This was a personal thing. Just from hanging around the the exhibits arena. I've met people who kind of looked over at unit. That's Justin Peters and I learned this this this woman. I've actually talked just yesterday. I talked to a couple of people who basically were saying that because of your teaching they came out of the faith movement. And so. That's that's A. That's a beautiful thing. How often do you talk to people who are still in it and going through it and dealing with this stuff all the time Eddie All the time now here at this conference llosa's doctorate sound convert so we don't really have a lot of people. Walking around that. Are that are following Benny Hen or Joel. Osteen here but tons and tons of people. Tell me that they were in it. God delivered them out of it. And that's what you would expect from a Christian. A Christian can be in serious error for a season. But once he sees the truth from God's word if he's truly regenerate he's GonNa been the need to that truth And and God pulls people out of that deception of the Holy Spirit is not a weakling if he's strong enough to save us a strong enough to deliver his out of deception. Yeah I mean all the time. I get emails every single day now Eddie from people all over the world that Tell me that God by his good graces in providence have has pulled him out of this deception you know and now just so. I don't forget if someone wants to get a hold of your your conference that's on DVD or any kind of your teaching. Where can they go? You have a website. Yeah they can go to my website. Justin Peters Dot Org. Okay Justin Peters Dot Oregon I feel kind of funny about the name of our website. I promise I'm not trying to be narcissistic. I'm just not I is Eddie. Roman.

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