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Location near you. Well. Story in a manner of speaking three almost twenty four after the hour here on the JV program. Lindsey buckingham. Late Fleetwood MAC is now suing his former bandmates alleging that they together conspire to kick him out of the band without just cause. Lawsuit filed in L A county. Superior court Lindsey Buckingham seeking damages for lost wages from the tour that his legal team estimates fourteen million bucks. Common. Belief around Buckingham departure from the band, which was confirmed by members of labor MAG is that he refused to tour. This year wanted to focus on his own career. He claims that's not true the admits to asking his bandmates or later in the year. So we might release in protozoan album. I he conceded to their timetable when they refused. Vij also claims he was willing to accommodate Stevie nicks demand the band reformed. No more than three shows.

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