Governor Kathy Hochul, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Minnesota discussed on Bloomberg Surveillance


Is Bloomberg radio Now a global news update Variant of the coronavirus is present in at least 5 states and medical officials expect that number to climb A man in Minnesota started experiencing symptoms the day after he attended a convention in New York City a 50,000 people attended that convention that ran from November 19th to the 21st 5 cases of a Macron have been confirmed in New York Governor Kathy hochul We want people to know that the early cases that have arise are not life threatening They seem to be minor cases and that is a source of good news for us right now Cases have also been confirmed in California Hawaii and Colorado as well as the one in Minnesota The feds are investigating former New York governor Andrew Cuomo over sexual harassment allegations that Justice Department first began looking at how he handled the COVID crisis now it wants to know if the claims that led to his resignation violated any laws University of Michigan football team is honoring four students killed in that state school shooting this week Players will wear a special patch on their jerseys for Sunday's Big Ten championship game I'm Michael castner It's the closest thing you can find to a masterclass on how the world works The United States has lost a tad of credibility Bloomberg balance of power are we fulfilling this planet at this point Week days at noon eastern Can you give us the priorities on Bloomberg radio What we have now here is this maraud who spoke capacity aspect capacity analysis comes out as half what the market deems it to be around 5 million barrels And that's how you get to a 150 You fundamentals are saying around a 120 and then it's the market saying we've got no we've got a cushion here anymore What.

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