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But it isn't. It's not naturally a British. Way of looking at Food I. Saying I think it's very much kind of if you guys know training, it's united they are all about. Produce in even down to your home cook united wanting to things come from you know with the bulk extol holder in that kind of thing that's that mentality comes from and it's been. I think it's interesting because I think though is the case now in a lot of restaurants and it's probably not. Restaurants as well. It'd be particularly maybe the sort of the growth of the. Casual dining acceptable or or maybe they pretend to be but I know Henry Dimbleby's come out today with is sort of national fat food strategy and there was a couple of bits in there that really stood out one and you mentioned actually just now with with Sicily and how long people spend dining, but it's so shocking statistic that is something like two and a half to three hours a day eating in in in sort of your continental Europe, and then it was someone like an hour and fifteen minutes in Britain so. The restaurants have gone. That way still feels that we've got this. Did this connect home still wear them. Yeah. Yeah. Hundred I. mean, it's just. Not. Smoking. That's not really GonNa Change. You know what? I mean wait wait. Seventy factors involved in it. I mean the facts about tate cigarettes example saying halt, right so unique take time doing things most likely wears here. There's the climate is also set into effect since the effects kind of how racks around food around other life activitists. But? But yeah, I mean I, think Especially, slightly we all heading. Up in a positive direction on from. I think about the White Scott. Yeah they'll have a lot of compensations to producers of food. So not not just sort of the operator end I guess but you know the the farmers and Hidenao Bee keepers all sorts of stuff and in fact, I was chatting to guy from rural. GANNEX. A few weeks ago and he thinks it's probably getting better and worse at the same time it's clear. A lot of people that are starting to recognize the kind of the the the impact of modern agriculture on the environment and how what is so important. Ponente the law paper with just. Driven by price I. Guess that's been the slightly depressing. Inappropriately oversupply restaurants spies in the two years that's not always being called the end of the market for. This isn't this. Totally generalise if I think we also liked the idea of an old mole than the actual doing of it. Do you never want to main I? Think Way that kind of token the total right but I think come. But ultimately, we've. got. This. Streak lights convenience fascinating living in London, united site fast and. That kind of thing. So I think I I think we it's kind of not natural to some..

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