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Note. What about the other fifty percents? How many people today are mixed missed two paychecks listening to right now? I bet there's not as many people as as one would think. And that's what's happening. Yeah. I I I'm I'm sixty eight now, and I'm looking for the day when I don't have to keep fit tonight's machines and refrigerators, and I can stop. But I started collecting social security at sixty six and that's what saved me. Yeah. And now, they're telling you, wait to seventy but some people can't they can they don't have savings to drawn and go into and that's that's that's just difficult. So if you're just joining us, the news is that state of the union won't happen as advertised in the house chamber, Trump has been uninvited by Pelosi. It's a kind of a stunt as as Mark Fisher, the editor from Washington Post characterized I agree with him. But. So where will Trump do it? And what will Trump say trouble say everything's great. There's never been better. It's the biggest and the best. Yeah. I feel wasn't the for those radical lib liberals radicalized makes a love he he does these things where he takes Jihadist terms. And he applies them to Democrats radicalized remember before when he was talking about. Oh that the the woman that said the f you to him. Yeah. And he said to her did she dishonored her family, which in jihadis means it's an honor killing you kill her. You know, I mean, he said some stuff before the dangerous now real quick look so into this thing Michael Cohen, and I want to keep taking your phone calls, and we will to the top of the hour. Michael Cohen has said he's afraid of his family for his family. And that's why he's not speaking and Trump, but you know, what you don't get to get that, dude. Because you you thuggish creep when you're an his attorney, and you threatened a lot of people so grow up hair balls get there, February seventh and and do what you're supposed to do. Tell the truth. These guys are all the same. You think you think for a second? Like, maybe they've changed seem to us now. What was I going to go that far? So I promise we'll get more your phone calls, and I'll tell you a little bit more about what he what he perceives us a threat. And I think he's he's accurate. But that's Michael Cohen. That's nikki. I'm chip phone number's eight hundred eighty eight and this is Kay geo. Franklin KGAN.

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