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Oh my god. What's up brother. That was about as tense and sweaty final. As you'll get it wasn't a classic bought it was some compelling viewing and football is going to rome. Sure as. I'm glad you brought that up straight out of the gate the tense of that. I was thinking as that match was was kind of extra time and certainly when it went to penalties like just sometimes when you're watching a sporting event as a neutral you i don't know you just can't help but like it's just raw however you're feeling like if you have a vested interest. You always know what you're going to be feeling watching a game when the us or playing mexico. I know i'm going to be nervous watching you go into a game as a neutral. You're not really going in with the expectation of feeling like butterflies in your stomach. That game was an extra time and definitely penalties. I can't remember too many other times watching a game as a pure neutral right. Healing as churning. Nervous as i was watching that game today. Yeah i had stomach churning nerves for another reason you have a vested interest that of course there's no point saying anyone in my house or anyone. In my low cow was was neutral. There was very much a result that most of ireland scotland wales and probably a lot of europe. The rest of the world really wanted and I'm ultimately we got there but it was compelling stuff really compelling stove right down to the end there's a lot to dissect and in some cases. There's some some interesting talking points in blame to be laid as there always is bought to. I know penalties. I know it's a shame people say it's a shame the game at finish on penalties. I think it was a fitting into that game personally because it wasn't like this was open end to end free flowing stuff. It really wasn't a final befitting. The tournament that had happened before it but the final final the penalties the the new mall of the game suited suited. This game suited this final. The penalties were as much of a roller coaster. I guess as you can get in that format and look the the old school newsman in may. Jj says never bury the lead. Don't bury some some people will want to take you through this recap of this game minute by minute from minute. Zero up through the one hundred twentieth and penalties will. We're going right to the end of the book here and we're going to start from the back and they will read our way forward tunnels first of all. I'm i feel. I feel bad for a lot of people. I feel particularly sorry for marcus. Rash verd- and jaden sancho who. Yes clearly brought on for that reason and who both there's no other way to put it. They both failed in in what they were brought on specifically to do that was that was tough to watch. Because you knew that and you know forever for the rest of the time. I don't know how trophies go on to win. They're going to beat themselves up over. What happened at wednesday today for the rest of their lives for sure as one of our twitter's pointed out. I hope that nobody else beats them up along with it. But knowing the nature of english media and certain sections in english fan base. We can't be sure we can be certain not. we'll see. yeah. I hope not. You say they failed. But andrew is it not a failure of imagination to bringing on jaden sancho to take one kick of a ball in a final is that not really the noble. What happened here. Tonight ultimately conservative middle. England gareth centrist gareth boring gareth when there was a game there to be one in nineteen minutes. He didn't do it. And bringing sancho on on rosh vert on that matter was actually in a way setting up to fail how also because their talents like gin santeuil. His talents are sore. So real we seen them in the bundesliga. We know what he can do. When there was a game to be one in normal time he should have been on the field from then maybe then he has a little bit longer to feel his way into the game. But you're keeping pressure on him to do justice one thing when maybe his skills because it could have been used in another way yeah. I always wonder about that. Like i mean. Sometimes you'll see it another sports you'll see in basketball with a three point specialist. Who's been sitting in his coal at all game and then he's brought in with a second left and a three point. Is that the right way to go. A guy who has not like built up any kind of sweat who hasn't been a part of the flow of the game and then throw him in for the most crucial moment. I don't know. I mean look some ultimately if donna roma dies the other way and sancho makes his penalty like maybe. We're saying it was a good move. I mean rash for you you could tell this is such monday morning quarterbacking but jj how many of these penalty shootouts. If we watched. I swear to you when radford was standing over the ball in that kind of straight line took a weird security route stopped. His run-up i'm in. I said out loud by myself in the room. I was watching. He's missing the set. It out loud. My girlfriend is a i mean. She's watching soccer now at this point and she the the penalty is missed off the bottom of the poorest. And there's a silence in the room because it's so.

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