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Back. It's second on to Tom, and this pitches swung on and hit towards right center field. That's going to get down. Cut off by Gaza around third and coming in is Tom. It's an R B I double by Adam Frazier and the Pirates score first, They lead one to nothing lead off walk to the number eight hitter and We have seen in all three games. Now off this Syriza's. The Pirates have been good at taking advantages. Circumstances you walk, Tom, and after the sacrifice you get the hottest hitter in the National League. And it doesn't make any difference Left on left. Adam Frazier comes through form to give them the lead. Not only that, but the young, able to get the sacrifice down on a no to pitch. So here's Kevin Newman. With one out and phrase. You're down its second and he takes a strike with the fastball, no balls and a strike. In what Kyle asked to do here. I guarantee you He's he's feeling a little bit of pressure because of the offenses struggles. It's like a man. I can't let any more up. Dealing with a guy in scoring position right now. And Kyle will step off and on top of that, just being his second start back. He's doesn't have the innings yet built up and Still trying to Settle in a little bit. Balls and a strike..

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