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Coached by coach dawson. Because you know he was in he was. He coached for the new york giants in two thousand eighteen. After he was our defensive line coach when frost. I arrived in two thousand eighteen so he goes to the giants. He comes back in two thousand. Twenty pandemic hits. They didn't get to do any other than to practices. He didn't really work with them. In the spring everything was over zoom. They had what ten fall practices before they started that shortened season last year. So they really didn't get the full benefit of the tutelage that he brings to the position. That's why i'm want to watch. Caleb tanner site think. He's gonna make a huge jump. Just because of who is coaches. And i think blazed gunderson is gonna play and it's gonna be fun to watch so Let's see here. Cornerback is our next position and I'm looking forward to watch in quinton. I'm looking forward to watch him. Fight to keep his position. So i think he's going have to all year long and i think he's got to fight him to do it but i'm curious about the guy that's probably going to line up behind him in tyreek johnson as to whether he can play well enough to take that spot from q. So that's going to be a fun fun position battle to watch throughout the rest of fall as well as going into the season. It's it's what what Coach says gosh. Darn it travis fisher. He says nobody. Everybody has to re earn their starting job every day when it comes to practice including during the season just because you have a black shirt doesn't mean you get to keep it so q. And and clinton and tyler tyreek. They're going to be battling all year. And i'm looking forward to watch next. I think it's gonna make that position on the field that much better. I completely agree with that. take I am curious to see how that battle results. I'm very curious to see how it turns out Who i am looking forward to watching this year as possible. First round draft. Pick and cam. Taylor brit Excuse me notice. I haven't even drank any any sort of carbonated beverages. That's just like pure dinner. Dinner there Yes first round draft. Pick possible With can taylor brick. I think that he is going to be One of those guys on our defense. That has just gonna make a name for himself this year. Nationally if not just an all american In the or yup all big ten all american all that good stuff I think he's just going to be phenomenal this year and who. I'm curious to see just like you. I'm very curious to see how tyreek johnson plays out One of the first five star guys that we've had in our team and i mean a decade and a half since the early two thousands..

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