Obesity, Hemolytic Disorders, Anemia discussed on Mark Bell's Power Project


Amazing. That's great yeah. It's definitely exciting. Time for doctors who treat obesity medicine and also just people who want to cheer their obesity as well. Because it's one of the most true forms of preventative medicine that you can have. Are there any Blood markers that maybe were not considering when it comes to obese. People like you know we've been talking about like trends amongst young people but how about amongst obese people. If i don't know maybe you guys catch something early on. Maybe i don't know that's even preventable. But you know what i mean like. Is there something that possibly were not thinking of when it comes to obese people that their blood markers are usually through the roof or something like that yeah I mentioned the fascinates one more even the non fasting insulin to see their insulin response or even kind of like a glucose tolerance test so those are some things that we can look at an obese people and these people that have anemia or hemolytic disorders and testino. Fructose emmy and also be reasonable so those are some things that you can look at. I wish that we could test neurotransmitters as well so if we could test their therre tone in levels easily or dopamine levels easily then it would really tell us a lot more about the pathophysiology of obesity because each case is unique and in some cases has to do with mostly engine and the treatment for that is different so Each case is a little bit different and we can't test for everything but we can test for Whenever we are able to and then infer from the result if there's an issue with you know their neurotransmitters serotonin level their romy level if it were because you mentioned.

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