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Bag pricey pricey bag that breaks with windy, windy or a smelly bag. They gave danke danke time to switch to hefty ultra-strong trash bags always at an ultra low price. There are best bags yet. And they cost less than glad force flex were sold head to head. So you'll be happy Abby lefty ultra strong with Armand hammer odor control available at Sam's Club. Porsche has been ordered off the road in Germany for being too shiny humbugs Morgenpost reported the thirty one year old driver was stopped in the city last week and told his Porsche Panera with a reflective. Gold foil, finish my blind other drivers he was told to remove the foil and reregister the car, but police say he continued to drive it. He was stopped again on Wednesday and police took his keys papers and licensed place before the vehicle was towed to Gary he was fined and unspecified amounts, and we'll have to remove the foil to make the cost street legal again, nineteen sixty nine in the future of two teams hinged on a coin flip. The coin has come up failed. That coin flip gave the Milwaukee Bucks. The first pick in the NBA draft. And they signed the player they selected in April of nineteen sixty nine Liu L cinder, aka Kareem Abdul Jabbar jabbar's joining the bucks made the team instant contenders. For championship. He was on his way to a great career six championships and the league's all time leader in career points. But he credits much of a success to the players who got him the ball. If you look at the top five men in assists. Magic Johnson Oscar Robertson guy. Rodgers if it wasn't for them and me playing with them you can go and stand in the president and wait for the guards Bessette ball. I know a lot of centers out there that never never happens. That's an April moment in sports history. I'm Jack schmierer listening.

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