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Former patient of Tony Bosch porter Fisher, Tim rights being says, hey, listen porter Fisher has asked for your contact info. He'd like to discuss the possibility of of doing a documentary. Can I give him your info? I said sure. And so we met now with porter and now in less than two years, so basically between twenty thirteen to twenty fifteen through all three of the main actors or a main characters in this international scandal had independent of each other reached out to us to discuss the possible. Of doing documentary, and we couldn't help but feel that despite my my my lack of spirituality that the universe was trying to tell us something. And this was probably a story that we should we should pursue. Now. Ultimately, you had wait sometime for Tony Bosch to get out of prison in order to interview. Well, what had happened was his sentence had gotten reduced in the in the meantime, and so once we had this meeting with porter we said, well, if we could get porter, and we could interview Tony than we have a documentary here. And so Billy wrote a letter to Tony Tony Robak saying actually, I'm getting out in three weeks. I'm going to be a halfway house in Miami being released halfway house. And I'll be able I was going to visit him in Alabama was in a federal camp in Alabama where he was teaching nutrition. His fellow inmates. And in fact, doing protocols for the guards in his inmates based on the supplements vitamins, you could obtain at the commissary in guys wanted weight loss or muscle building. He would always writing protocols and also at the prison say they prisoners criminal college. And so in this case turned out to be true because one of his one of his other inmates at the federal prison camp was Jeffrey Skilling of Enron fame who apparently was teaching business and some sort of economics courses and Jesse Jackson junior. Was there teaching some sort of political science course? So Joni says, let's let's get together and revisit this conversation. We had at that point less than two years earlier. And once we met Puerto Fisher, and Tony Bosch, it became abundantly clear that they were the story that a-rod was at best supporting character in the scandal. And that the real conflict in the real drama and the real comedy was born. Out of the fact that the highest paid baseball player in history. His career was ended over a four thousand dollar debt between a cocaine addicted fake doctor and his fake tan. Addicted steroid patient that like that was clearly the story that was most compelling most entertaining in the one that we ultimately wanted to tell I always described this film as being akin to the crime comedies of an Elmore. Leonard door, Carl hyacinth and and. I wonder if you see that those are two of my literary heroes growing up on the skewed Florida. Take of Carl hiaasen is certainly I think shape both mind Billy's perspective is nonfiction columns when we were kids. Yeah. And we constantly refer to south Florida's sunny place for shady people. I frequently tweet articles about schemes and scams out of Miami..

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