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Your ride home so this morning I went to I gave a shout out to Dresden alimentary school in the cab county one out delivered fruit and little mini muffins to the Dresden elementary up the damn ovens now usually when I go there not usually but most of the time the people recognize me from channel two action news in the morning right if you just get up so early a majority of the teachers they came up to me I took pictures of the like we love your show and at night it so well well now it's schools back in session you guys the kills still keep listening yeah like just because schools backs we had apparently did bring a lot of teachers listening during the during the summer months so that could to it's good to study right what you're studying you listen to the ratings that I could keep you entertained I know Johnny kill bosses not here for a faster agree but I get a fast wi related story Longoria what what we've talked about five guys burgers before you have your thoughts on five guys I like a good we don't know interject artists would you get a burger from the other day grindhouse grindhouse right house yeah we don't know you know if what you eat but five house my guys burgers can't remember the last time to be in one of those probably ten years ago I'm in when they first came to land the first I've never heard of him I walked in it was like this weird like stripped down kind of place and very I don't know just you know bare bones and I got the burger house blown away by the burger but really impressed me with the French fries could you got they still do it but if you go on the on the inside the store there's like a chalkboard it's like today's fries from Longoria Idaho or you know dead green Wisconsin like they tell you where the potato okay okay yeah and they make them fresh which I I have your meat French fries before not in all the time it's it you've got it yeah I prefer to do that than by the pros and once when I worked at a bowling alley in the in the snack bar believe it or not we made our own French fries and you take a big Idaho potato into this old metal thing any switch it down it slices up in the for those type of French fries are so much better than anything you buy frozen whatever so I I was really impressed that five guys at these things this guy in Massachusetts stole fifty pound bag of potatoes from five guys restaurant really another dum dum dum thief he really like the fries understood but you saw the mako easy exactly potatoes and fifty pounds of them how much could that cost yeah they're not well wait sometime but today is a longer Jake find out how much fifty pounds of potatoes in Qatar he decided to take a fifty pound bag of these are pre cut I think it's that they're already there and they just go ahead and got you I am all right so they were there actually pre cut but not cooked but he thought the fry them he still had to fry him images taken for the restaurant surveillance footage later showed a share to Facebook quite least show two men ordering food at the count of the restaurant and later one of them grabbing a sack of potatoes to go now the only excuse they might have is they were drunk because let me look shoes I would you we will go to in college we go to the Palestine or after a night of drinking the the beautiful Palestine enters a guy Brian shared it and the you know in diners like at the merry at a diner they get that big case of cakes not in the front Ryan shared and every time we go to the diner would steal a cake or pie add of that case really every time and they didn't know all yeah they chase him and they would let him in to get what I would do with a lot it's it's three in the morning it's mob with college kids and and to be honest all the Irish kids from long I say like we they all.

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