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Out in the near corner. Jostle by stamkos stay strong in the pocket. The near wing it's grandma not clearing. It out held stamp goes to the right point flips cross ace looking for Johnson believe oh is there to hammered out of his own. Here's mcdonagh up the middle. Adam Ernie deflects it back in over three and a half minutes gone in the third three when lightning behind his own converged on by Miller, but he gets the puck away daleks Adler. Fires it into the lightning and had been golfing into his own bench. I think it was deflected off Vancouver stake. It's going to be a neutral zone. Face off sixteen sixteen remaining three one lightning. So. In the lightning box right now. Are. Cat and gourd. I believe. Yes. And Houghton is still serving a penalty for Vancouver and new stature who got hit. On that Martel play seraglio wins the neutral zone. Faceoff? Anthony, Sara Lee at center ice slots it in Warren, try to hold. It could not Adler works out to center ice saliva the neutral zone, God debt maneuvers it to his own antenna up the middle. Goldman checking him is strong and good work by the lightning in the neutral zone. It's retaken by Anthony, Sara Lee, fires it in the near corner around to the far side, and Christina pursuing him. Sara Lee by that ten and has to hurry. It back to Adler a little past bounces poor the lightning blue line had been knocked down couldn't clear held in. God that right circle tried to cut in front had the knocked it off his stick Miller will zip it out of the zone. Does a heads up play by God at holding in that clearing attempt. Just barely. But he never got the shot Tyler mod at center ice. Rams it in the heart around driving the lightning far corner. Turns it for headman does well to track it down headman looks up ice short passed to center ice plot. The middle point wheels across the blue light poles up. Left circle. In point. Lapointe sorta kill Serta makes his way corner. Brought back in shot just wide, right? We've been Kuchar corner right point Girardi back kucherov, right circle. Bouncing puck calms down centerpoint shot Girardi off the post. Here's Polat in the right corner, right circle. Brayden point you'll sit. Excellent I save Android. The second one was off the post point right circle. Coup drop LaPointe Girardi gifts on a one timer. It comes behind the net. Good Branson is their strong chip for the lightning though, still up three one.

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