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He's now playing professionally in Europe but at the tournament in Toronto at Twenty fifteen and Slovaks made it to the semi finals. They were chanting his name in the building. Eighteen thousand people chanting his name. Where is he ever going to get a greater moment than that? Was there pressure to it. Yup You bet there was and that's just the way it is the tournament itself Yes. Tsn has helped make it what it is. They've broadcast for thirty years but if this tournament was going on in the middle of the woods while would anybody care what anybody watch? Would there be anything to it. No of course not. This was an opportunity to connect to something that most of us feel when we watch our kids play our kids watch it on TV. Our Kids WanNa be these younger kids that we see Keel Akil Thomas with the winning goal or Barrett hate and plank through a shoulder injury or you know the brilliance of Alexi last frontier. They WANNA be these kids. What's I don't even can't even build a case for what would be wrong with that. No absolutely nothing all right well. We'll we'll exit the Czech Republic With this cute you had some issues getting to the Czech Republic. Well I know I mean you you eventually got. There has to fly along the way. I mean that stuff happens. Coming home was it. Flawless was again like clockwork smooth. Is June on broken glass? It was it was just fantastic. I I'm not sure if it's because I missed the flight on the way over. But somehow all my seating got thrown into the blender so we get to the gate to the check in counter and in Frankfurt Germany. And so I go check in get by Seating Passes Forty D. and twenty eight e. Neither of those are seats. That I'm particularly interested in also in there are no pods in the fortieth row. They're they're smaller pods. You Sit Upright frozen road and so I do fly one hundred and fifty thousand miles a year and I am kind of like a million and a half miles you also you kind of get moved to a more comfortable seat. There were no more comfortable seats. I'm not sure what happened so I'm at the gate. I'm checking in and the there's a connection that Mrs somewhere else so a seat in thirteen thirteen opens up man. I'm all over that like you can't believe so the the woman at the gate. She's really helpful and she says okay. This is your seat. There's still a chance you could get upgraded to business so now I'm like man. I perked up like this is going to be great. Yeah so I'm just waiting around the gate inch. I hear her say into her cellphone. Vonda bar and I'm like and then she hangs up and she turns to me and I'm like this is unbelievable like I just came from Forty D. and I'm going to end up in a pod and she goes good news and I said Oh. I just want like that not for you. The other passenger made so far not doing the bar for me so I ended up enrolled thirteen which was a hell of a lot better than forty. That's awesome and then if Gore had been on his game now if I were there there would be pictorial. Evidence of this would on another to light to Gordon other flight. Which was so. Gordon went Toronto going West but I will say this I will give Gord props. He put together this trip that that we went to Berlin to watch landon play. Yeah he put together a couple of other things that I would have never figured out. The trip turned out to be fantastic. We were we had a great time and come back and I'm jumping back in. My first game is Sunday afternoon in Winnipeg and the jets. The jets had an unbelievable Yup game last night against Toronto looking forward to getting back into it all full. Nhl SWING AND WE'RE GONNA kick over into the top five topics that we wanted to discuss this week but before we do that. We've gotTA pay some bills. I WANNA thank our great sponsors for making a podcast possible going to start with. Novus dot com great luxury outerwear that both and I enjoy and a number of our guests as well Andy Dot CA. You can use code ray fifty for fifty dollars off your matters. Sure how thoughts thank you. You can call them at one. Eight four four two three five sure and watch dot CA. Thank you for the great guests gifts and LAGARTO DOT COM use. The code rate tend to Get an unbelievable discount there as well. If you're interested in jumping on board and supporting the rain dregs hockey podcast go to rand. Dregs DOT com. There's a link there for more information on sponsoring the PODCAST Ray. What about the Tampa Bay? Lightning holy smokes. I mean before you left. I think in fairness many of us in the media were wondering with all the coaching changes and whatnot. You know with John Cooper survive and if the Tampa Bay. Lightning didn't respond in some fashion in the second half. What would you embrace bond do now? At the at the time of this recording here on Thursday the Tampa Bay lightning of one eight straight and their second in their division points percentage. I mean that's a fairly remarkable turnaround in relatively short period of time. It's amazing what eight games does for you and I think we're all kind of sitting around waiting for Tampa Bay to catch fire. They they got kicked in pants pretty hard last year when Columbus just shove them out of the playoffs not just that they beat them but they beat them in four games. Tampa looked The looked rattled when they when they got knocked out. And so I think the view was all will see how they respond. But they're not going to be able to really be evaluated until you get into into the playoffs and then pretty soon. October rolls around. They went into New York around the end of October. And they just got spanked. They got crushed and it looked bad so now they've got all these issues. Why checked in a little bit in Tampa and talk to a couple of people there and they felt that early on that. They didn't outside of that week in New York where they were terrible that they'd played. Okay didn't get any points in overtime. Because they never got any games to overtime they they lost didn't regulation so now they're a little bit behind the eight ball. They hadn't played as many games as everybody else sold their. You know your points are GonNa lag a little bit in the in their division. I was given this stat so this this kind of made me look at things a little differently in the Atlantic Division. They've been in the top. Three in points percentage for ninety of the first hundred days of the season. So while we're looking at the points it's really the percentage that matters because everybody's GonNa get to eighty two games anyway of actually right. So they were. They felt like they had played better and not were and weren't rewarded. I don't know if that's the case. All the time like there was another gear there in Tampa for sure but the things that they're working on drake's or trying to be they're trying to be harder in front of their net and in front of the other net. They're trying to take less penalties. Be More more disciplined. They've been practiced. They practice focused that they. They think they're making progress while this stretch would tell us it. They're probably a pretty good groove right now and no matter what happened in the first couple of months there. We are with Boston. Toronto in Tampa sitting at the top of the division again and in whatever order Boston's played themselves back to the pack the lease and the lightning. Or go on the other way. And they're gonNA Mishmash around for those top three spots in the Atlantic well while the Tampa Bay lightning round a good groove the Nashville predators in a nasty rut which ultimately cost Peter Laviola job. Peter Laviola out as head coach of the Nashville predators. John Heinz in tough start for John. Heinz I claim on on the bench. But you know it. Was this somewhat predictable. I guess the only reason I was surprised a little bit by it was the timing. The fact that David Paula general manager probably a week prior to said he wasn't contemplating coaching change but in fairness deployable he. Also then you know as part of the Media availability when the change was announced in hiring of John. Heinz was now said. Look you know the tipping point for me was the classic and how the the Nashville Predators essentially folded in in the outcome of that game man. Coaching is tough is I mean. It's tough but when you look the record of Peter Laviola divisional wins with national presidents trophy a trip to the Stanley Cup. Final do do you just Kinda Slough this one off by saying look every. Nhl Head coach has an expiry date and a shelf life and it was time for change. Why I don't I don't recall ever hearing anybody saying Peter. Laviola doesn't know how to coach your that or that is teams. Don't play style at the players like to play and I do believe eventually that you've got to change the record a little bit and by that. I mean that a coach is going to get let go. I don't sometimes it's not fair. I would say in Nashville. Peter had been there five years but the expectations are very high in Nashville. They've been so good for so long that the team seemed to have lost the reg there. They lost their their ability to play well enough for a long enough period of time to win enough games and so a couple of things. That always are red flags for me. I whenever a coach gets fired I look at I look at three things. immediately Look at the power play. I look at their penalty killing and they look at their goaltending And say what are those because the goaltending will always sink a coach anyway for some but the the special teams if they've got good personnel. Which Nashville does if they're not right. That's kind of a red flag for me. So they're powerplays twenty-third their penalty killing twenty nine. Not You know obviously very not nearly good enough. We know the goaltending has been awful. Aca Rene is sixty second in the NHL. Eight ninety four save percentage which would be fine except this backup is to behind him. Uc Sorrows is sixty fourth. And he's got an eight nine thousand two. You have goaltending like that. Your coach all of a sudden becomes pretty stupid. Be Good goaltending. The coaches really smart. So if you look at their team the goaltending has been good. The special teams haven't been good. They've had a good many players that have under achieved by a long shot kyle tourists. They're paying him. Six million bucks got five goals in thirty five games. He might benefit because pretty clearly him in. Lavi let were not even on the same page. They weren't even in the same book. Michael Greenland is a free agent. At the end of the year. He's got fifteen points is is lowest point total in thirty six games in right his career. Arvidsson got nine goals in thirty games. He's a hell of a player. But that's not nearly enough for him and Ryan Johansen who he traded Seth Jones for. Yeah right like they traded. Seth Jones one of the League's best defense and he's got twenty six points in forty two games so you mix all of that in the only guy that's really had a good year is Roman Yosi Llosa's on eleven game history l. Yet nineteen points. He leads. Filip Forsberg by fifteen points. So you gotTa defensemen leading your team in scoring by fifteen points..

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