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Hall of fame award michael seven point two three o'clock hour clock rock set seven o'clock hey the clogged up ten eleven o'clock twelve o'clock rocco gone iraq what an don't yep it is the savage nation public aid today kickoff dane of ever fourteen 2017 remember that as the books has changed a lot aligns changed a lot lives changed alana line now you explain of city or and talk about the book all day and i may or may not do that i'm gonna tell you about henry's funeral i will tell you about rabbi in a brothel which is a fiction i will tell you about silent rather i will tell you how the left in america is laying the groundwork to kill americans i will tell you about survival stories when where i know god's hand came down to protect me and things like that uh uh names on new york sent me a note morning first i want to thank the drudge report four featuring my book now drop it for the minute i say they'll say that it's been up there almost 24 hours it's unbelievable i mean i gotta tell you savage finds god talk host and spiritual odyssey go click on those linked up gene i am band in the media with rare exception and yet this placement uh on the drudge report supersede all of the other things put together all of it all of it was yet 4 billion page views a day name so all i can say is somebody up there likes me and i do have a few friends i wish i could say that i have a lot of friends i wish i could say all the people in the media were fairminded but we can't it's not the way it his so i received an email from my friend jean rovan in new york fabulous writer and i was lamenting certain things about the fact that i'm blocked at certain television channels and he said michael consider how few people show for any sermon and among those who do how few take him a message of value michael you will reach more people today in over the next few days than any rabbi or preacher at any congregation of the entire thieves career as ever reached that is no small thing and then i talked about the vicious lawyers attacking with through innuendo and killing people without without any anything they don't care they destroy people just destroy people based evidence we have now become guilty guilty guilty jack hughes out of the french revolution i talked about.

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