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To protect people against pertussis. The diptheria tetanus pertussis or dep is for younger children than seventy years old. Tetanus diphtheria pertussis or thi dep is for older children and adults including pregnant women news network. I'm vivian williams. Talk about the mayo clinic radio. I'm dr tom chives. But i'm tracy mccray traits us you know. There are millions of people in this country with heart. Disease in fact is the number one killer of both men and women in the us and the majority of those people have cad or coronary artery disease. And that's when the major blood vessels that supply the muscles of your heart. They supply blood. They supply nutrients say supply oxygenated when they become damaged or diseased. It's called coronary artery disease. And that of course is usually the result of cholesterol containing deposits called plaque along with a little information inflammation and it is a process that we know as atherosclerosis. When the plaque builds up it narrows your coronary arteries and that decreases the blood flow to your heart. Eventually that can cause symptoms that you might recognize chest pain shortness of breath. A complete blockage can even cause heart attack. We know there's lots of things that you can do to prevent heart disease but what about reversing the damage. That has already been done. Is that possible. Let's find out from mayo clinic. Preventative cardiologist dr. stephen kobetski welcome back to the program. Thank you for having me. Backtra kopetski good to see you. You know i've heard you say that you wanted to start a coronary artery disease reversal clinic suggesting that in fact if you're coronary arteries where disease you could make them better. Yes very clearly you can. We have the clinic. We just don't call it that. Unfortunately but the data the studies have shown you can reverse heart disease you can reverse this narrowing of the arteries to the heart as you mentioned inflammation or irritation of the lining of the artery is very important to reduce. Because that's what actually causes the blood clot to form in the heart attack to occur. And why did you get the inflammation in the first place. Well that's a great question. There are things that cause inflammation smoking. High blood.

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