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What's going on everybody? Rowdy dragon joining you as I do each and every week to keep you informed of everything, final app weekly, fantasy. And how about that race at Richmond? Was that a chess match or what? Okay, taking a look back at last week's picks that I recommended for you the 22 car Joey Logano, he finished 11th overall in the point. He had a ten point stage point day, not too bad. I think he could have done better. But it was not an overall bad day for his team. Martin Truex Junior, in the 19 car, he finishes in P one with the most points, 33 position points, 17 stage points totaling up at 50. That's a pretty good point today for you. And also, in the Toyota camp, we gave you Christopher Bell, and he also came in third most of the points. 31 points, 13 stage points on the day totaling 44. Not bad. Pretty solid picks for you for Richmond. All right, so let's take a look at our stage leaders for the week for stage one, we have a tie, 19 spins 22, and BFE racing. And stage two goes to, none other than rowdy dragon. I got my first stage of the year. How about that? Can you hear that? That's me patting myself on the back. All right, this week's winner, Robbie gage, 241 points. Pretty good stage point total of 71. Even though I manage a stage win, didn't turn out so well in the end, I got a 64th place finish. Toby bested both carrying myself with his 18th place finish and where is Jimmy? Carrie Murphy finished in the 28th spot. Okay, so let's move on to take a look at some viable picks for your lineups for Martinsville for Saturday night. Don't forget it's a night race, under the lights. Flat tracks, short tracks, and momentum spells a good finish for the 11 car, Denny Hamlin, for this week at Martinsville. 32 trips to yet another of Denny's home tracks, has yielded 5 wins, 16 top 5s, and 22 top tens to the team. Looking at the 11 teams stage point history in 20 stages, they've collected points in 15 tries and have three stage victories, all is well again and Toyota camp. Look for the 11 team to be a FrontRunner, Saturday night under the lights. Another threat to win in Virginia comes again from the Toyota camp in the form of the 19 car Martin crush junior. In the last 5 races at Martinsville, he has won three times. It sounds a lot like his Richmond stats. About a third of his finishes are top 5 and averages about top ten 50% of the time. Looking at his stage point totals, he's collected points 16 out of 20 stages and also has three stage wins. And over the last 5 races, Truex has the highest laps led at 754, so look at the 19 car to be duking it out with his teammates up front Saturday night. So now let's move over to the Ford camp and Team Penske's Ryan Blaney. He's my third pick of the week. Blaney has the second best average finish at the paper clip. Behind Denny Hamlin. He's raced here 12 times just about half of his finishes yielded top 5s. He doesn't have any winds on the paper clip, but his performance on short tracks the season. It could see him with his first victory here at Martinsville this weekend. Taking a look at his stage point collection has Blaney earning three stage victories, just like the 11 and 19. He's also collected stage points in 15 out of 20 stages. And as usual, make sure you keep an eye on those practice and qualifying times to determine which of these guys best suit your lineup this weekend. All right guys, so once again, don't forget it is a Saturday night race. Get those picks locked in early, just in case you might forget. And go out there and have a great weekend. Thanks for hanging out and listening to the final app weekly fantasy segment of the show. I am rowdy dragon. We'll talk to you again next week. Dog food. All right, there you have rowdy dragons picks for this weekend at Martinsville as always, you gotta take him seriously, rowdy dragon is an elite expert. And he has decades of experience doing this. So very cool to have him on the show. It is. By the way, I performed pretty well this week. I moved up again. I did too. I did good? I was like 18th overall this week. I think I was 25th. If I hadn't missed Daytona, if I had just put somebody, warm bodies in the lineup, anybody. I wouldn't put ty Dillon, you could have put, you know, Jacques Villeneuve, I mean, you could have been you would have been fine. Instead, I got zero. What a bummer. I got zero. Yeah. So thank you so much to rowdy dragon for the fantasy picks again for this weekend at Martinsville. As always, thank you to John Hunter Nemechek as well for being on the show. And checkered flag is flying. I can't believe it. There it is. Wow, checkered flag. It's just flapping around. On its own pole over there. So catch us next week right here when we will recap the racing at Martinsville and preview. This one's Bristol in the dirt, right? Is this one under the lights too? Yeah, they throw some dirt down on it and stuff. Toby, you and I will chat next week. We sure will. That's a wrap. Another final lap weekly is in the books..

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