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Jersey John, eight oh, four. Let's check on the roads. Navacerrada Z fast traffic. Slowdowns in the southern half of the Greek guards, state heading northbound on the turnpike north of interchange. Three little bit sluggish, but no major backups as you head up towards exit four and again in Denver township because of the rain, we are seeing some slow traffic on fifty five make the trip back up towards the forty two now further north on the turnpike northbound westerns further that record the eighteen w tolls that's been cleaned up and keep in mind if you're hopping off the turnpike interchange, fourteen there is weekend construction on the Hudson county extension that runs till five AM tomorrow morning, but at park from that car, and truck lanes pretty good shape and so far, so good on the Parkway really no issues coming home from the shore right now. Let's good all the way up to the Driscoll bridge n beyond. We've still got down traffic light in Linden route twenty seven northbound by Washington avenue. That's a couple lanes blocked. And if you're headed to the airport, check with your carrier got ninety minutes on a rival due to the impending thunderstorms also could be looking at the parts of delays to looking much better at the Gotham bridge, and the unabridged crossing just a minor slowdown now leading New Jersey down to about ten minutes from one in nine still lighter off the turnpike Lincoln tunnel, about twenty the worst of it's still the George upper deck close to an hour. Wait. You've got about forty forty five minutes using the lower level, support sponsored by unbound dot org. A girl in Kenya dreams of becoming a doctor an elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of community. He can reach out change their world will change your own unbound dot org. Traffic every fifteen minutes. Next report eighteen I'm Jeff from New Jersey, a one point five denizens Judy. Functional families..

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