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The chassis would get two thousand dollars a month for nine months. Testy said later that he felt Hoffa was asking him to pee. trae his country. He you wouldn't do it instead. Reported the bribe to Kennedy and the FBI set up a sting. HOFFA and chastain chastain. Arrange to meet in Washington chassis would pick up Hoffa in a taxi. You know the only way to make sure there were no bugs or wires. Of course Hoffa didn't know the driver was an FBI agent. They wrote and talked chassis. Shock Hoffa some files they were actual committee. Documents is only offer. Good luck but chesty had to put files back that night the FBI was watching and recording the whole exchange. Turn the next day. Chesty Calls Hoffer. He's got more documents they arrange your meet outside. HOFFA's hotel chassis hands over an envelope. You can keep this one as well for walks back into the hotel lobby the FBI moves in and Jimmy Hoffa's under arrest. Now that case would eventually go to trial. But let's not get ahead of the story. In the summer of Nineteen fifty seven teamsters President Day back was indicted eventually eventually convicted of fraud and sent to prison. This cleared the way for Jimmy Hoffa who was elected teamsters president by a wide margin and jubilant Jimmy Taupo sweeps in new president of teamsters. I think that there was inside. Information about that. Made its way to the committee and back was taken down very very quickly by the committee and it was quite a surprise. It's widely believed though never proven that the information information federal prosecutors used to bring down day back came from Jimmy Hoffa. He was riding a huge wave of popularity among the union rank and file humanity the human spirit of unionism in this country so as the Senate hearings near the end Hafa was cool and confident. He's like a savvy prizefighter bryce fighter. He Bobby Kennedy never landed a punch. Do you have any evidence of the twenty thousand dollars in cash that you put into the business. I don't need any evidence. You'll take my word Bart as internal revenue hats so in that battle of heavyweights offer versus body. was there a winter. I don't it seemed like Hoffer may have gotten the upper hand on on Robert Kennedy during those hearings. If you wanted to say who one uh-huh Bobby Orr or Jimmy. I would have to say it was kind of the Knicks decision here at the Kennedy Plaza Feud would take a bloody bloody tragic turn. That's the sound of Detroit's original steak and cheese being prepared freshly grilled for you warm yourself up with a fresh grilled tubby steak and cheese sub today tasting believing tubbies Detroit's original steak and cheese since nineteen sixty toppy says everything you need to make your party amazing. Toby sub shops offers catering packages for your office parties. Birthday parties special events. Enjoy Monster Party subs party platters salads wings just bake gourmet cupcakes and a whole lot more tubbies cater your next party so you can have more fun. TOMLIN'S DOT COM all. Okay if you love great crime stories you've gotTa Watch. NBC's chilling New Drama Lincoln rhyme hunt for the bone collector. It straight out of the tradition of Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty but with great modern twists. The bone collector is a man. Dan of exquisite taste his urbane and sophisticated. He's also the world's most elusive serial killer. Think Ted Bundy meets Hannibal Lecter. and He's hiding being in plain sight to catch him. We'll take the world's most brilliant detective Lincoln Rhyme. He may be difficult. But he's the best he sees glues others. Miss and possesses encyclopedic knowledge. What's more catching the bone? Collector is personal. Their last encounter left Lincoln rhyme paralyzed based on the bestselling book. By Jeffery free. deavere don't miss the premiere of your new crime. Drama Obsession Lincoln rhyme hunt for the bone collector. The Hunt Begins Friday January tenth on NBC. The candidates need no introduction. The Republican candidate Vice President Richard Nixon and the Democratic candidate Senator John F Kennedy according according to in one thousand nine hundred sixty the presidential campaign matched Richard Nixon against John F. Kennedy in their first televised debate. JFK picked up the fight. His brother had started during the Senate hearings. I'm not satisfied when I see men like Jimmy Hoffa in charge of the largest union in the United States date still free.

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