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Of conversations about buddies. I'm Molly Forbes broadcast campaigner and body image influence there. I'm not story writer training counselor and Psychology Geek <music> A._C.. <music> welcome episode three of Season Two. We are romping through way sure are this week's episode is all about confidence and the link between self esteem mental health health and self care. I'll tell you isn't an episode about he's not just an episode about body confidence. Even though the person who are interviewing in this episode is a model I think we really kind of get to the heart of the the idea of confidence in general and we really look at how some of the ways that we project ourselves on the outside our reflection of how we're feeling on the inside and how we can fix if we're not maybe projecting ourselves with full confidence with going into spaces and we're not feeling with feeling less than how you can build yourself up. The link between all of those things are mental health anxiety because I know my own experience in my feeling anxious or I'm feeling feeling like I'm having a bad time. Lifebelt self esteem that definitely affects my confidence way the I kind of manage myself <hes> so we have a really lovely chat with a Jada who is a model and a mental health advocates and that is coming up later on in this episode how you anyway. Let's say this week I'm doing well. I really like the necklace you're wearing today by the way cue that is not my Zodiac sign and hey we'll obviously none of you can. She has a really gorgeous silver necklace in it's like a three different pendants on it is a main and a gold like a half Moon Hoffman and he's a coin. Yes yes Danish Danish krone a five car enough so is there. Is there deep psychological link to this necklace. I feel like there's a meaning behind that just after I had separated from my ex husband I went on a girl's holiday Copenhagen and we all said that after we would wear these run on x and they've got like really cute little French exactly and also it makes a kind of really lovely kind of feel like eating all how are you. I'm good good. I'm alright. I feel I came. I know it's been a really weird crazy few months for me and I feel I can coming out of it and settling into a new kind of normal new equillibrium. Life is really busy. Get busy get this week. It's break up from school work. Continues Philip Life is good yeah. I haven't gotten anything I can mean about this week really going on. It is part.

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