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I don't mean these rinky-dink little foothills we have here. I mean real mountains. The kind that cut jagged lines across the horizon like teeth in some titans job. I guess that doesn't sound comforting but it is. It's nice to see things that are bigger than you older than you. I remember hearing music an old blue cd. Emily's dad loved. You never see him again. Then i remember the sun coming up over those unbelievably huge shapes. I asked where we were. Nationally started crying again. Tears of joy this time they were my first words since the party. I won't bore you with our time. In fremont it's the same story you'll hear from lots of first generation folks family politics and grief surviving emily's more keen on that part than i am. You can feel free to ask her. But i can't guarantee show like it. We don't live in that world anymore. I don't know what you came here for asking for stories from an old lady like me. But i can tell you this time. When we weren't there was a time when we were free. God willing there will be time when we are free again. Of course this wasn't just a good year for the stephen king boo club. It was also a great year for the stephen king himself most recently the cbs all access stand adaptation dropped which has been gorgeous so far. We're not by the way we will be talking about the stand. As it progresses the mr mercedes adaptation has been picked up by nbc peacock for a third season as well and it wouldn't be a year passed if another novel or two wasn't announced in august king announced. His next will be returned to crime. Writing stephen king's later will be releasing in march also if it bleeds reached the new york times bestsellers list which means that we are adding it to our reading list. This year we also saw unprecedented growth as a show which is really fun and also a bit terrifying which to be fair is exactly how we like it. The most listened to episode of two thousand twenty was strangely enough episode one carry that means that a whole boatload of people joined us from the very beginning this year which is touching no joke just just touching of all the moments we want to celebrate however none is more important than the love and care that we brought each other. I wanted to say a special. Thank you to our patriot. Community with whom. This show wouldn't be possible. We seriously would not still be doing it if it weren't for the monetary and emotional support from our patriotic community. Also anyone who emailed us there are too many to count and list by name. But you know who you are. If you're listening to this and you email us please shoot us another email back with loved hearing from you and we'd love to hear from you again. I'd like to leave you. And this year with the meditation. That phoenix put together for.

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