Mcclatchy, The Miami Herald, Facebook discussed on AP 24 Hour News


McClatchy which publishes the Miami Herald the Kansas city star and dozens of other newspapers has filed for bankruptcy protection the publishing company like others in the hard hit newspaper industry have pushed digital operations aggressively but advertising dollars have continued to flow toward companies like Facebook and Google McClatchy's thirty news rooms which also include the Charlotte observer and the star telegram in fort worth will continue to operate as usual as the publisher reorganizes under chapter eleven bankruptcy protection is receive fifty million dollars in financing from unseen a business credit that'll enable it to maintain current operations for the company but quite she expects to pull its listing from the New York Stock Exchange is a publicly traded company and go private a Spanish holders ruled that a former head of Mexico's state oil company pemex is a flight risk and must remain in custody Mexico issued international arrest the New York Islanders Mike bossy tied an NHL record in the winter of nineteen eighty one scoring his fiftieth goal in his first fifty games of the season but he was a great goalscorer but he made it a little harder on himself by making this comment at the beginning of that season talk about put pressure on myself I mean I was the one who would come out probably feeling a little cocky that day and said that I I can get fifteen fifty this year so in game fifty against the old Quebec Nordiques boss he was sitting on forty eight goals didn't look good with five minutes left in the game he got number forty nine then with just a little over a minute to play.

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