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Was like a long way to Eddy S. Anthony. I like it. Well guarded my question as we sit in this unknown in. Maybe you know more than we do. How would you if given like? Let's just say you have a way to do this. You have a way to comeback and Adams over calls you after this interview and says all right Jeanie. I'm GonNa let your the one. How do we end the season? How do we combat? What do we do? How do we run the play offs in a perfect world? How would you do it and you can't do a full layoffs? You can't do it as is not going to speculate on any of this. I mean I'm I'm we're one team in a League of thirty and we have to. We have to look at how all of this is. GonNa play out You know and we're not only in the United States. We have a team Canada as well. And so all these factors are gonNA figure into what we're going to be able to do so to even start talking about that would be kind of just a waste of time but I wanNA see us finish the season. I WANNA have a conclusion. I would like us to not have to cancel any of the Games but none of that is no right now so I wanna go through that but I would like to see a resolution to to the season. I feel I could ask for us. You know fattening follow the NBA's pretty closely for the last. Like thirty years of our lives. It feels like this season among of all the seasons spelt the most wide open as we head into the playoffs and obviously front runners. Like the Lakers. And and I would put Milwaukee in there too in the east but there was excitement building. I mean you can even take it from the All Star game which I feel like this format of the All Star game before fourth. Quarter the All Star game was. That's the greatest all star game. We had period. I mean your guide makes the winning free throw. I mean come on. He was very exciting. From that point of view I I have to say I was in Orlando at nineteen ninety two when Magic Johnson made his comeback and that that was the special bigger so many bigger more reasons but yes in terms of like the competition in the fun watching the players you know interact in work. Their butts off to win that game. The fans inflate layers. Arguing calls arguing calls in an all star game. Come on it's like it really. It really was also game is such a hard thing to crack. 'cause YOU WANNA to celebrate the best players for being who they are and being you know achieving that level and while it may not need the games may not mean something in the what you say. At the end of somebody's career. He was a ten time. All Star. it out. I mean he was a he was a eight all star Games. Roy was the MVP of the All Star game. Those things actually means something. When a player's career is overseas can't discount the all star game ever but it's a very difficult format to crack in any sport baseball hockey. And so I just think you guys again you guys got it right this year in a very very cool way that actually included the fans that I thought man. This is the way it's gotTa be in the other leagues are GonNa have to follow that for sure Let's talk just because we've lived in La since ninety nine and you know we. We came from somewhere else so many people I know you know this like L. A. is transplant city. People come from other places. I think it's hard to have a sports organization because so much sports growing up in Saint Louis being Saint Louis Cardinals fans. You know seeing how that get hassled on from generation to generation. It's hard debt. Like I looked at the king success in two thousand ten two thousand and two thousand twelve and I was like the La Kings have rabid fans. They have twenty thousand of them in their all in this arena right now okay whereas I don't know how deeply it goes. I just don't know how deeply it. How far back. It goes generation. The Lakers and the dodgers are those generational organizations. I mean. It's almost like against all odds in town that that would do that. How how do you guys do the winning? Or how does that happen? Where you guys can supplant implant yourself into the La Culture well in instant. That's exactly why my dad bought the team was because he was not born here in La But he he visited as a child in his head. You know some Damn live in Los Angeles in so when he had the opportunity and resources resources to do so he did and He he just. He loved his new hometown and he wanted. La To have a team that they could be proud of because he felt that there was such a bias in media or east coast that you never ally teams. Didn't get the respect around in all the professional sports and so he wanted to buy the Lakers and and make Allah proud and that was kind of his gift to the city that accepted him as their own. And so I think that because he had the mindset of what it means to be transplanted person in La. And how a team like the Lakers. Especially when they're winning can unite a community that is very spread out very diverse And you know I don't know Certainly the Lakers. Had you know some the they'd WanNa Championship in La? Before my dad was the are so You know an having a player like a wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West and Gail Goodrich and and you know Elgin Baylor all these great players. You know. Maybe that that helped to but certainly The eighties was kind of attorney. Roy when You know things were were topped in. La and buried divided gangs and You know it it. The the Lakers winning really Matt something to people in terms of what it means to make Los Angeles your home. Yeah I mean it. It is amazing in in in that context. You just see how important Johnson was. Okay getting him from Michigan State in seventy nine winning banning eighty with him. I mean you just to kick start that whole thing. You are a kid as it's going on. How are you viewing it through the eighties? As as it's all happening and it's all going down you know it was. It was showtime and you know it was all just on new to me and Not Really Understanding. You know what sports could mean an and you know like the environment was changing so much. I remember You know back in the early eighties you know you. You didn't show your home games on television. You didn't broadcast your home games because that would cut into your ticket. Sales guys could stay at home and watch the game. They were you know. Buy A ticket so you know when Dr Bas decided. Hey I'm selling up forum and I'd really like for everybody who wants to see the Lakers play at the forum at home. We should really broadcast the games and it was kind of unheard now. But you know that that's kind of what was to him was to you. Know he said like genie. Just think I what I've done is I've increased the capacity of the forum so that now the everybody who wants to see a game can see the game and that was just a different way of thinking. So you know He. He was brilliant For so many reasons in terms of just being a mathematical genius but you know he also had a passion of a fan and that's the fans knew that he cared about it in in a maybe every year. You don't win but they know that he's doing everything he can to get the team in a position to win so growing up in Saint Louis with no NBA team and watch those finals. Like it could not have been more different. You got the parquet floor of Boston Garden. And it's not like the air conditioning. Broken there air conditioning's broken. It's dark it's like I don't know it just felt like this old building that was like hundreds of years old. Then then you come to L. A. and it's like yellow. It's bright and like feels like their windows everywhere and you can see you know what. I mean like for kids. Were just seeing this going like okay. Here's the old established than here's the other in. We're rooting for you. Do you WanNa root for the team. That's lighting it up and running a fast break like every ten seconds and dunking. Yeah it was. It became a brand not just the La before all the disenfranchise across countries. Sports fans like us were ten eleven twelve thirteen years old. That's it become you immediately. Take to a team right. Mazing aesthetically as well as the team itself was built in a way that was it. Was you know they say styles make fights you know in in heavyweight boxing in two different styles makes a fight? And that's exactly what it was in the eighties you had you know the Byrd. Dj Mikhail parish versus showtime. Just amazing. I mean it's it's amazing that you live through that and now you are getting to carry that on today with a whole new.

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