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Plus, you're gonna hear from the backstreet boys and a lot of movement on the chart, including the highest debut of the year before we go last week at number three. Number. This. The biggest one number one. Top three a week ago. Let's see where we are. Now. Bazi kicks it off at number forty or longest running song just short of a solid year. You also precious y you. Jive you. So. I just let you know. I'm so happy that you. Got him. Make you. Let you know. Bye. Forty. Let's go back to back as we kick it off today. Let you love me Rita ORA takes thirty nine. Now. Every time against. Down three to thirty nine with. Let's you love me. Love says that when people ask him to describe what type of artist he is he struggles to find a specific genre. What he ends up saying is he's a modern version of a singer songwriter because he writes on his piano orbiter, but will include abstract sounds. He creates on his laptop as vocals are influenced by soul music. So it's all kind of a melting pot. Here. He is with Julia Michaels. This is called there's no way thirty eight. Tunes too. We have. Two two. We use. Hold on. No. Details. Zero. Leased. Okay. It's almost like we knew. Love featuring Jillian.

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