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Lieutenant named andrew rohan who was asked by president mckinley to deliver a critical message to the leader of the cuban insurrection. During the spanish american war a general called garcia this was very dangerous undertaking but in the essay. Hubbard doesn't dwell on the details of rowan's harrowing journey through cuba instead he uses rowan's initiative to bemoan a conspicuous lack of work ethic among the masses. He then begs the reader to consider not just the plight of the employees. But also the plight of the employer like i said a rather extraordinary plea from a former socialist anyway thirty years later when i wrote the sweat. Pledge a message to garcia was very much on my mind because back in two thousand eight many employers in this country were saying the same thing that albert hubbert was saying a hundred years before that they couldn't find employees willing to take the initiative even at the height of a recession in two thousand nine and rising unemployment. Millions of good jobs were going on filled today. Twelve years later. The situation appears even worse according to the b. l. Ls there are no less than ten point. Five million open positions in this job market. Most of which don't require a four year degree ten and a half million and yet we continue to push as the best path for the most people student debt has now eclipsed one point seven trillion dollars. Employers are struggling to find trained workers with the necessary skills and our government is literally paying people to stay home as i was writing. My reply to your trenchant questioned him. A headline appeared on my computer announcing that a mcdonald's in oregon is now hiring fourteen and fifteen year old kids at fifteen dollars an hour because no one over eighteen is interested. It's the very thing elbert hubbard wrote about in eighteen ninety nine a general unwillingness to take the initiative and the endless search for those who do now is a message to garcia an appropriate thing for me to share on a labor day. Many will say no including chuck the producer of this podcast..

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