America, Income Tax Rates, President Trump discussed on C-SPAN


Approximate estimate of six hundred sixty billion dollars in town max cuts tomorrow law goes most loyal member that's the path through provisions in through show companies and packed shelters welltodo people the richest in america are going to be able to disguise wages as building the income to avoid higher income tax rates and paying their fair share of payroll taxes and we want to make clear because you know all this path lingo is kinda i blazing stuff payroll taxes funds social security medicare programs that the american people in the two of us feel so strongly about this pass through pass dodge jeopardizes those horror program medicare and social security as we know it today finally the president lower taxes as leader indicated for america's wealthiest individuals to add another two trillion to the heaping pile of tax cuts for the fortunate few let me turn now to the middle class and this is particularly important under the president's plan larger families in america are gonna see the most harm downspeed because republicans are getting rid of key exemptions hertha more independent that more relief from moms and dads and their kids now republicans have said they're gonna double the standard deduction this is a massive step backwards number one from multiple bipartisan deals to triple the standard.

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