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And show you where Arthur too. I believe that I t is like one of the cool guys who go to your lifeline lows away because so few severe, let's talk. She's going. That's the movies describing Anaconda. Save that one you were talking about for later now. Talking about, and yeah. Believe is pronounced. With our out. I think we have, you know, I got, I got gotta describe it. She's out. So we're left with three kings and. That was a great movie. I love that. That's great movie. It's the best movie ice cube Mark Wahlberg ever just Kirk, just like seventy dollars of wine to a Bud Light. Number two. You've heard of mixer get. It tastes very good. Tell it was expensive wine. I'm happy to have it in a metal Cup. I also thought this is expensive ride. Yeah, it's nice. It's nice. Thank you, Tom. It's like six. Coming to the party. Good. Oh, that is nice. It's good. That's pleasant. Pass it around. Really warms up. All right. Yeah. What do you got. Law and order the move. I was gonna do that. Fucked up. You didn't say s? V you. Oh, wait a minute. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. You got some. No, I am. Sorry. Thank you for playing Kurt. Listen, I wanna point out that one time I made this game and the the actor was Robin Williams, and I lost on the first round. I would like to point that out before I lose strong comeback. Yeah. Yeah, I love rappers turned actor. Hank you so much I've already gotten to so been a rapper, maybe would've known more more. You know, it's a little known work that ice cube was. Called willow..

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