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Fact that this guy was about to retire so he you know he's been around the block a few times would ensure instinct to kick in and you know what did she be able to know where those shots were being fired inside her out of the building would you not only shots to fired outside the there's so many different the acoustics other cheetah can be very difficult sometimes but the mere fact is that you should be trained in where you're seeing people running thumb and the actions of people out he outside and then the mere fact is knowing that you're out of school at a fair shot fired most likely third there from their go to be on the inside or continuing to go into the inside so you put that all together um and newdow you've got effect we know that something is happening on the inside not out by match shootings late don't happen take away las vegas that was different uh on the outside edge talent confined space the other thing is those if he didn't think that he did anything wrong uh and i know people in better met bispebjerg what do you have a lawyer yeah yeah now what is you know you've got nothing wrong why you having representation yeah that's that's fair that's a fair question so how much of this falls on the broward county sheriff's scotty israel la not only through the deputies actions but the signs that were missed the woman we heard from the in the beginning i said she had called police not necessarily the broward county sheriff's office but called police and said look you've got an active you've got a school shooter in the making that was a courtesy of an instagram posts she saw in which he said you know he he's going to be a school shooter how much of this falls on the broward county sheriff everything good paul gauguin one monthly shows that gives them a gun in a bad um and land it's up to them and he looser vows himself takes responsibility way the responsibilities with him a starts with him if peace he's the one saintly thieving these people a gun and.

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