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Best music. Oh, there wasn't a day is not a generation. Not before. Not after right there right now, because coming up in the Listen I'm older to remember the late fifties, you know, But it was the sixties. The music that came in because, well, I told you this before all of the Frank Sinatra music all of that great musical The Americas songbook. We learned from our parents right? And during the Second World War, and I would hear it in the record that Benny Goodman records would be around. That's how we discovered Gene Krupa, you know, And if you're younger you got you got to do with the other kid. I'm like, seven years old. I'm looking at who was Benny Goodman. What is this, and I would look at it and listen to them What? We had vinyl back in the day we had record players member record players. Joe Biden knows he knows. So we would listen and they would be crippled. We playing, I would listen and that drum take you immediately when I would just learn how to play the drums from Krupa. And then, of course, learning from the great buddy Rich But then rock and roll hits heavy when the Beatles came in Elvis, right, then the Beatles came in. And they really took all the music from the black blues artists that came from the plantations to Chicago and then, But I learned it through the groups that came from Britain and certainly the American groups that picked up all the all the blues and turned it into what we know as rock and roll. And then then you got Hendrix and we had cream and we had the Rolling Stones and the Dave Clark five. Eric Burdon and the animals think about that. And then yet still appreciating the great music of Francis, Albert Sinatra, Tony Bennett and all the great standards, you know, I tell you, what is a great time as baby boomers just remember, if you remember and the seventies a super groups that would come in, like Grand Funk Railroad, Matt, You're like a DJ of the site. You don't know those good those. Absolutely I love those groups have a vanilla fudge. How about the No? Was chocolate? I mean, you had a lot of great bands out there. I know a lot of the functions that I d J. R. R for older crowd. And they love the sixties and seventies. Yes. Just what gets them up and moving. Yeah. And, of course, the Eagles of super groups like the Eagles there, Steve Miller Band. There was a great music. Hey, Joe of the radio. So, so we'll get into politics and you're welcome to call it 877, Please. 97 29 99. We're gonna talk to Mayor Giuliani a little while President Trump's reelection campaign is going to the United States Supreme Court back to the Supreme Court. In hopes of overturning rulings by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court over the 2020 election. The rulings on the state's mail in voting system came ahead of the November contest, and the campaign says they violated the constitution. The campaign hopes reading here, the campaign hopes the high court moves quickly to make up the case, noting that the outcome of the presidency Hangs in the balance. U. S Supreme Court previously refused to take up a lawsuit by Texas to overturn election results in battleground states that Donald Trump lost, including Pennsylvania. You saw it? I thought we all saw it. We all know what exactly went down on D. We'll talk to Mayor Giuliani will see what does A lot of folks are holding on. Because it's not that they see for me when I voted for Donald Trump as I'm voting for America because he was he was the only person running in my opinion. That really believed in this country believed in the military believed in the law in law enforcement believed in manufacturing. He understood the the dangers of China of the communist China President Trump did so I almost put aside the fact that I've I've known him for 35 years worked for him and love working for him. I put aside the fact that Melania and Donald Trump the citizen. Were among the nicest people you'll ever want to meet. I put aside the fact that they have helped Maura not profits because I was at all I was the emcee at all These nonprofits and Mr Trump and Melanie would show up. What a beautiful couple and I'm saying president share And then he remembers a lot that we you and I thank you and I stand for Which is I always say God and country and family. You know, we try to keep that narrative going on the show because we are patriotic. So now now when the bluster comes, and President Trump does the blessed journey starts tweeting and everybody says it's not Presidential. I put all that aside because I feel that he is good for America. So I go. Okay. And I make no apologies. I would. I voted for him twice. I'd vote for him again. I'm just saying that Okay. If you don't like it, I am. I'm sorry. You don't like that, But I saw right through this Joe Biden campaign and I saw right through the illegalities in the voting. I saw right through it if you don't and I know you saw it as well. And when you have everybody in the Communist Party and the mainstream media and the globalists and Antifa and the Marxist groups all in one camp Going against the president. Don't you say as an American and I objectively put this for you? I'm not lecturing. I'm objectively putting that out. If you disagree. Please call me and disagree with me. 87797 29 99. But when you have all these entities that just seemed to have one thing in common to tear down America, That's all they want to do in my opinion. The press has been so negative if they've been so irresponsible through this old Corona virus. I think the Wuhan virus and then this this was the funniest thing of watching a network news. It was such an egregious story that I don't even want to mention the network because I have some friends who work there. And I don't wanna like attack them because it's not really in my nature, but I'm watching a major nightly news. Broadcast, right? They go like this. They actually started the story. And this was like last week. Like like Thursday, and I forgot to talk about it. They go well there. Where did the virus come from? They actually said that on television. I never knew scans. They said, Where did the virus government? Well, We're not sure getting come from China. And I'm working at telling you. It was a major story on a major nightly news network. They put that out there. That's disinformation that those air lies. If that's not what if that's a fake news? It's because at nauseam on this show on this show ad nauseam, we go over. We tracked it down and I've objectively look where it came from. It came out of the Wuhan Institute of Urology and the Wall Baby Province of China. It's right there. They made it right there. The bat lady went and got it. And did they question Is this did they created on purpose? Or did they accidentally get out like our friend Gordon Chang said, accidentally got out. But then president G let it out and bread and Gordon Chang has used the words I saw him on Fox News with Eric showing this weekend, Gordon Chang said. It was quote unquote akin to murder because he knew she knew exactly what they were doing..

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