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Fold and but we didn't have any and it was it was fascinating. I remember one voting waking up with a stops because there was a sound guy literally two inches away from my face hooting you. Backfield's and my mic. That frightened me. Because i wasn't expecting but it was very funny. And of course. It's is one of the cleverest televisions because nobody backstage at new cameraman. Their sound guy out whatever producer nobody's And even that watches a covered over us. They didn't even know what time it is. I mean it's really at gay. Jordan has at the other the other day shaved off his beard his almost treatment bid on you pro or anti jordan's new. Look i love is new. Look i think it's i think it's great. I think he looks nice. And fresh. yes and You know. I think people with beers have very castle because they can look very odd tape and raffled But i think he's he looks fantastic now. I mean i really be peaks. I suspect he went to get it. Stopped growing it again. He's he looks wonderful. I think is about newly good. And i loved it when he was in the shower the other day and they would tweet each other's nipples. That was very the yes. Can you see can you see on. Produce abedin's yes. I can't i can't i. Yes now that should that should be shaved off good that yeah when we finish this interview please go go get rid of it thank you i i tell him that. Dieting but what is not believing. no no he he will. We'll make recalled this regardless on tape now with less than a week to go. Who is your prediction for. King or queen of the cost well. Jody has to be nice by fate. As i said my favorite. I think he will definitely with it because i think he's. He's proved himself to be the a really nice nomo guy and i think that's the public won't i also Love the coronation street woman. Seventy cannot beverley callard. who i think has been. She has had some of the funniest lines i mean. I really became a vegan vegan of by favorite like so much of the country as a yes exactly regretting it already. She's she's a. Don't you call it. A husband shack something. Make a shank mega shag. That old man And i think she is described as a king or queen of the could be of those. I think the other a very good to us. But i think it's ready cleaned somehow. Who's going to win this year already. Well we shall see fingers crossed. I'm i'm very word we might as well be jinxing it over no dirt. Say that i'm sure will be fine. Obviously jordan can't hear us but let's pretend he can. Can you share a good luck. Message for jordan jordan. I think you've been absolutely wonderful in the jungle. Two thousand twenty two thousand and twenty is going to go down as one of the anus ramblas. We is is seen and you have given us all light at a freshness to this year. You've made it very special and we.

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