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Those who are descendants of slaves. The second measure called the sense of the council to declare racism. A public health crisis in the District of Columbia would take on racism and its impact on disparities in health care, housing and other social issues. Both measures were introduced by council member Kenyan McDuffie yesterday in a statement, he said the goal is to acknowledge that racial equity can't be achieved. About recognizing the role of slavery and segregation in the US, The measures will go before the D. C Council for consideration. Melissa how w. T O Penis The D. C. City Council is given ranchers more help in fighting evictions. While there's a moratorium in effect during the state of emergency, there could be a wave of eviction summons when it ends last year. More than 30,000 evictions were filed by landlords in D. C. Superior Court and Ward three councilmember Merry Chase says some 39,000 are queued up to be filed after the murder. Vincey moratorium on evictions is lifted that assistance in the moratorium, for example, will not last indefinitely. Her bill, which passed unanimously increases transparency of the tenant screening process prohibits evictions were the amount owed is less than $600 and allows for the ceiling of records over three years old. These records are used by landlords to Either deny an apartment to someone or to increase the rent has a very cheerily negative and devastating effect on people who want to rent. Meghan Cloherty w GOP News DC So called ST Aries. They're going to be around for a while. The program that allows restaurants to expand outdoor dining onto some sidewalks and streets was set to expire at the end of the month. But the D C council has extended the program through the end of 2021 Council member Kenyan McDuffy. It provides restaurants in taverns, the extra support Need to attempt to mitigate. Uh, the challenging impacts of over 19 on their businesses also extended through the end of next year. The ability of restaurants and bars to sell carry out booze. It's 9 13 of the district has been hit with a federal lawsuit over pay for police officers during the pandemic. In the court filing, the D C police union on behalf of a number of current and former officers says the district an MPD are failing to include a $14 per diem raid applied for work during the pandemic to their regular rates of pay. The $14 day rate was provided by D. C back in April for any city workers who had to report to the job physically during the public health emergency lawsuit also Alleges they have not received back pay for any unpaid overtime compensation owed based on lack of calculating the per diem wage into their regular rate. The suit accuses the district an MPD of willfully and wrongfully violating its statutory obligations. Ken Duffy w GOP News 9 14 my business,.

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