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Difference maker than than what's what's take advantage todd just looking at this in terms of greece in history in your board just to give some people some perspective i'll look at again i think two thousand sixteen i recall you being a huge fan of joey bosa maybe he ended up number one on your border could have been laremy tunsil i think you and miller at one of those guys obviously golf and went go before both i think he also had his eq elliott really high can you think of some other instances in recent years i know you also leonard williams really high jaylen ramsey really high in backtoback years where it the draft board it look like your final prospect rankings i mean even even last year i guess this where the quarterbacks went that would that stood out to me i mean i i didn't have grades that equalled is as high as where trubisky wound up going and mahomes and shawn watson men you know the typically through quarterbacks further or what jump out and then heaven teams go on trade up for them you know it and give away all the value that they gave away but then again you once in golf were were near the top and they went one and two i mean it it's kind of i think it's typical each year that the quarterbacks up going a little bit higher that pushes back a couple of players typically guards will get drafted a little bit lower than what your actual grade is on them i though i think safeties and we're starting to see safety is the value is is there and tight ends if if the talent is there i think the the value of those positions has really risen especially gaza can cover anyone who can cover the me it's probably the fourth most important thing that you can find in terms of of value quarterback you've got to get guys who can get after the quarterback gaza can protect the quarterback and then and then gaza can cover to really the priority positions if you will.

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