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A child I'd wake up early am hours of the morning. I'd walk into a room where in this family there's also as a man that I that I referred to as as my grandfather that I would be even though he wasn't my biological father dead. Bible considering in the dark and all I see is the glow in the dark to speak side know that he's he's he's woken up for the morning Salah 480 just sat there reading his fifty and that that image of him just stuck with me and besides that as a a whole a family as a whole mental Kurt said treatment towards me the way they accepted me as their own that that really stayed with me from childhood and those memories that I built with them. So stayed with me and I think those even to an extreme impact took my decision of wanting to return to Islam you touched upon other, you know, etiquette character growing up all I ever had my dad tell us over and over again and it was like a mantra. He just said the heaviest thing that would weigh on the scales is your character your other and never fully understood what that was until adulthood and it's true. You know how you are even a prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him enables his character that people are so and fell in love with and they just embraced Islam without any discussion. Just seeing how he was in his manners and he's example lately and you mentioned earlier on in the conversation that you've had that you've met. Lots of people have left his land for various different reasons and have any of them also found their way back to a storm again and how did that come about somehow? Yes, and I think it was just something big has happened in their life. So and I know some dead wood in the views of marriage and they got out they got divorced or they got up and just to be able to sort of Shame pick their water, but they they want something just rustic design document people go through relationship breakups. So divorced they'll they'll change their hairstyle those change something about themselves. The key and that's job To sort of an interruption in the patent so they can solve. Towards a new light or snap out of that pattern that they've been stuck in 4 years or decades. I understand why am I left the summer? I don't regret it because it came with a lot of lessons while I left the slam and while I was on my own journey and when I came back to Islam I'd learned that I'm not going to take my slacks question from the way they treat me all the way they behave that Islam is a very personal thing to me and it's between me and Allah and now that I've already been on that journey of leaving Islam is coming back. I know how important it is to me. I know how easily someone can leave Islam it can be something very insignificant that will sell just the the person over and make them leave us home. I decided that I'm not going to base my opinions of some or off my Creator based on how people treat me or how people are and when I was going through my divorce I held on to Bath I don't experience that. I knew that no matter how bad things got religion is the one thing that I'm not going to let go of and I do feel that had I not left the Slime what I did and learn Life Lessons, but I needed to perhaps my circumstances post-divorce would have led me to leaving his mom and I would have not left the farm on my own that would have been influenced my children as well and maybe that would have resulted my children leaving Islam and not having anything to do with as well. So I'm grateful for the fact that I experienced all.

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