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90 Toll Free 8775905525 here on the started on show. Mhm. Tommy. Good morning. All right. That's good. Try. Good. Try their, Um, Listen, you could jump in there. Let's see. Austinites are getting a chance to share their thoughts on the future of Zilker Park. Yeah. The city held its first community meeting on this comprehensive plan to what they call it. The Zilker Park Vision plan. And they're looking for ways to improve the park for future generations. This includes, you know things like more parking and proved to existing facilities and access to, you know, throughout the entire 350 Acre Park. Now. Claire Hempel is the project manager. She says Zilker also has its challenges as Austin grows and remains a popular destination for visitors. Zilker, too, is experiencing growing pains related to the increased visitor ship about two million people a year, which is, you know the population of Nebraska, she says. A year or a And, she says, Our polls are busy a lot of events and facilities that we just need to address some of these issues. It's called the Joker Park Vision Plan. What do you think Zucker Park should look like in the future. So far better parking and more bike lanes seems to be a couple of the top priorities for those that participated in this discussion, and they do say another meeting is scheduled in August. And a draft plan is based on community meetings and inputs. While we released sometime in January. A lot of people have weighed in on the fate of, you know, Lions Municipal golf course. And now all the future of Zilker Park is the question. Well, you know, there's no doubt that it's important to our community. A park is extremely important community. It's important to, you know, as far as business relocating to a different city, it's it plays a role. It's very our parks have played a big role in that. It's important for recreating and just our sanity. But I'll tell you, ma'am. Have absolutely no interest in talk even talking about Zilker Park right now, not but I'm not saying it's not a worthy story. It is Uh And I'm not saying it doesn't need improvement. There are areas parking certainly Does. Parking has become a big issue, but I would prefer that the city. Uh In any taxpayer money whatsoever. Only go towards fixing this homeless issue that is ruining the city. The park right now is not ruining the city. Yeah, There's a parking problem and all that, but it's still a great place to go, and it's it's you know, open for everyone. But why don't we fix the the big problem First? And then And then once we've done that, once we get rid of what's actually ruining the city. What is keeping people away? What's going to keep tourism and convention business away? Let's take care of that first before we talk about any issues with our part, Jimmy checking in from Dripping Springs this morning. Hey, Jimmy. Hey, Good morning. Yes, sir. Yeah, it was really, uh, you know, intrigued about the guy who was you know our brain young kids. You know, the joy into there is organization and trained to be, you know, assistant managers and managers and franchisees and stuff like that, you know? Yeah, that was the guy we had yesterday from the chicken place lanes Chicken up in North Texas, offering opportunity for people that start with him on a lower in scale to actually own a franchise eventually, and Playing one of his teenage managers. 50 k a year? Yeah, exactly. You know, I don't know. But when I was back in high school back in 78 77 I used to belong to a well I would go to school and that would offer you there was a tongue called distributive education clubs of America. I don't know if you remember that I do. Yeah, And basically we would we would have a competition. I wouldn't vote happened in school that half a day I would go actually go work, so I was getting taught all these skills. As far as like in retail and management and all you know, so from my junior year in high school my senior year, Actually, by the time I was ready to graduate, I was already trained to be an assistant manager for built department store, you know, ended. Of course, our school also offered, you know, uh, you know, welding and mechanical and everything does that. Exist now or, I don't know. Not necessarily. They do have deca programs that you referred to. They definitely have Deca programs on just about every high school campus. There is in the area. But the training is a little bit different. I think for today's technology, not a whole lot of welding and plumbing going on. But maybe there should be because the demand is there for those jobs for sure with us if you know the decade was Was apart from the world and everything. Ours was more retail retail story working for bills and and, you know, I love that backs mtg, NY and burgers and clothing stores and stuff. Uh, so you know, you know, it was a great because I didn't go to college right out right out of high school. When I was an assistant manager for Bill that was 17 years old. Wow, bed. You had to deal with all of those Karens, didn't you? Yeah. Yeah. So it was. It was exciting, You know, like that. I never went to college, and I'm doing real good right now. With all that training that I had in high school, it really prepared me for the real world. What are you doing now? I'm no, I'm a project manager. For for for a full building company. There you go. All right, but the demand for Yeah. Jimmy, thank you. And I'm 62 years old. So there was a long time ago. 62 You sound like you're like 22. Man. Do you identify as 22? I got you. Thank you. Jimmy Point Bills Department store. Uh, I think clothed. My whole body all through my, uh, elementary school in a high school just about every pair of big Bell jeans. That's where you get all the husky closed at Jeanette in Cedar Park. Good morning. Good morning. Morning. How you doing today? Outstanding. How are you always provides I want to quest to get her at stake on employing them. They nobody wants to support the teams and the current administration keeps on giving unemployment benefits. It seems like it's going to be an ongoing thing for God knows how long do you think this is done to just give jumps to the people that they want to let them to our country? I could barely understand the last part of what you said Those extra benefits actually ended last Saturday in the state of Texas. Yeah, there's quite a few other states that are still still providing it, But yeah, there, you know, you know, I'm not quite sure what her question was there, Jump in at 51283605 90. Soon Californians may be able to take trips without even leaving the state. Yeah. The California Assembly yesterday began debating SB 519. It's a bill that calls for the decriminalization of magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs for residents, 21 years of age and older..

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