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Let's let's get dinner or something. Take care man paul right. That's the show. Shout out to vogue great to have you on man for everybody listening. I hope you enjoyed that as much as i did. Don't forget portal's the new album from sub focus in wilkinson. It's out right now you can also go grab his new collapse with net sky and another one with machine drum if you're in new zealand. Go check him out on tour over new years. And if you're in the states Stay tuned watch out for his worship collective with him culture shock nineteen ninety-one and dimension once shows come back. I'm sure they will be back in your neck of the woods. My name is willy joy you can keep up with me at willie joy or at back to back pot on all social media or you can email me back to back pod at g mail dot com. You can also come join the back to back. Discord come chat with me. Come say hi. come tell me what's going on in your life where you're at. What's your up to what you're thinking what you're working on. If you make some music share it all that good shit. The link is in the description of this episode. That's it for this week Look like i said in the intro to this show. I don't know what's going on right now but Amazing guest after amazing guest is hitting the up to come on the show. I've been recording some really exciting episodes. The year is not over yet. That's all i'm gonna say. Stay tuned stay safe. Stay healthy stay happy. Stay indoors How about that. Take care of yourself. Protect the people around you. That's what i am. Wishing for you this week and i will talk to you next tuesday for back to back. This is willie joy peace..

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