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I used to work in the one in school anti made some extra coined by doing nothing like having a job in place that you're getting an education you did that you need to explain the dewey decimal system to john we'll take a break up against the time here thanks for the call billy gets her degree today in college football one a one please come and except your the plumbers let's get some more phone calls here at eight five five two four two seven two eight five henry in charleston west virginia how are you henry harry dahl lulu could here uh why is there nobody really talked about the movement of the badly matt news then when we talk about the hair alabama acclaimed phoon florida stay in here you have to cleveland plain with multi state play small team and the mountaineers virginia tech yeah uh i mean let's let's shoot straight here okay outside of west virginia in virginia what's the interest in this game well i think they know wouldn't even paid the play uh hope was scheduled like he's talking about earlier i mean leaving lima limo team the uh those were his fate is in the mountaineers played a team in the top twenty five bit in a uh little bit about miers neighbor gear knows me speak about the risk that they will do well listen uh i mean mountainous have a good team last year uh i i mean i think it was a nice bounceback year but.

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