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Time. Try Bob Evans. Dinner Bell plates. Eight Great plates under eight bucks at Bob Evans. Paul Boating Loss. What Traffic on the fives follows on Twitter at W IBC Traffic. Randy Allah SWISH TV meteorologist. What's going on? Hey there, Tony. It looks like I won't enjoy some 50 decent weather here the next several days or so, a little bit of light snow down here in southern India this morning today, Partly sunny, cold high temperature of 35. For tonight I have a chance for a few evening flurries and becoming partly cloudy down to 22 Wednesday. Sunshine. Nice big Hold high 34 Thursday may be the best day of the week. Some sunshine a warmer day Thursday's high at 42. They were cool. Back down on Friday, the weekend it looks like you're Tony Rain returns late Sunday and especially into Monday of next week. That is Randy Alice of Wish. TV, Randy. Thank you 26 degrees right now in the American Standard heating weather center the time it's six or six this hour on 93 WBC is powered by family heating and air conditioning. Your American standard air dealer Mm hmm. Police are looking for two people. Involved in a shooting inside Circle Center mall. You know, just an average day, I guess and Indianapolis, Indiana..

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